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  1. I've used https://www.rev.com/translation for everything official
  2. I think it depends which system is used at the embassy CGI Federal used by the consulate Moscow allowed 4 - 5 daily logins in the past,
  3. Go to your account in https://my.uscis.gov/ On the Home page you should see your IOE case with "Case Status" and "Documents" tabs. The Documents tab should have "Upload documents" button.
  4. If you case is IOE you can try to proactively upload the scan of the proper certificate. I'm not sure that it will work, but it wouldn't heart for sure.
  5. This "attached" service center should be on your NOA1. Mine is Potomac.
  6. Ok, I've read "mails" multiple times - this got me confused. Thanks!
  7. From reading the instructions and forum I've got an impression that NVC is sending something, except the case #. Thanks!
  8. My wife lives in Russia and the russian post is definitely not the best in the world. I've sent I-130/a with my address (petitioner) in US and my wife address in Russia. Is it possible to use my US address for all correspondence from NVC? I understand that "by default" they send the packet directly to the beneficiary. Thanks, Viktor
  9. Checked today my.uscis.gov: I can see our cases there. There are also multi-page TIF attached to each case where all the documents are mixed up and in disarray. I hope USCIS has normal copy somewhere.
  10. Talked with tier 2 support specialist (tier one had a "computer problem"). He told me that this process is new and there may be few glitches in the customer facing software, but so far he doesn't see any other problem.
  11. I've received I-797Cs for my wife and stepson. Entered 1st receipt # and online access code - no errors seen a page with my name. When I've started to enter the second case the following message was displayed: "You cannot add this case to your account because it has already been linked to a USCIS account". I don't see any case on the home page. What's going on?
  12. I think one needs to use new case status thing in "my account": https://myaccount.uscis.dhs.gov/
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