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  1. No mail I logged back in Ceac and saw accepted then got the documentarily qualified afterwards
  2. I don’t think I need to hv a time line as I update whenever I hv a status change on my account thank you
  3. Don’t be exhausted make sure your documents are named accordingly
  4. Submitted all documents on Thursday May 9th and all was accepted Friday May 10th we just got an email Documentarily qualified today 13th May Visa Journey has been realy helpful on to the next Glory be to God
  5. Yes I made payments on Friday and i think it changed to paid by teusday I’ll advice you check you account details and also call NVC
  6. Keeping fingers crossed 🤞 all will go well now there’s a maintainance coming up
  7. Texas time at about 6am i has scanned and uploaded all but I wanted to submit close to their rusumption time which is 9am but (8am Texas time ) Wow 😮
  8. I’m suprised that’s what I saw as I opened the ceac website
  9. I submitted documents yesterday and this morning I see accepted in status does that mean case complete? Or I have to wait for a message from NVC ?
  10. Got my case number from NVC on Friday and made payments immediately but it’s still in process today Monday how soon will the payments be accepted?
  11. My uscis account was not updated it’s still showing approved so I kept calling uscis till I got a tier 2 or 3 Officer who gave me the actual date it was sent but the account was never updated
  12. F2a to CR-1 - CSC PD June 2018 Citizenship Feb 22 2019 upgraded on March 5 2019 Approved march 15 Called USCIS, and I was told case was sent to NVC 29th of March I call NVC twice a week teusdays and Fridays 9am sharp case was received on April 9th 2019 called NVC as usual today 9am sharp was told it’s not yet entered into the system I should give 8 weeks ( what they say all the time ) just an hour and 20 minutes after talking to NVC my Husband called me that he got email from NVC with case number and invoice ID. and I got same email too im so happy 😀 Now on to the next phase
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