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  1. Thanks for all the advice! Thankfully, he already has an SSN from previous visas in the US, so hopefully we're covered there. We have definitely been prepping the paperwork already. We've compiled a list of all the necessary evidence that he'll need to bring with him for the AOS, work permit, and travel parole forms. I have all three documents printed and read to be filled out! Thanks for the health insurance tip! I'm self-employed and my personal insurance is terrible, so I'll be looking for a new provider anyway. We'll get on that once as soon as open enrollment begins. Have you ever heard of a US company being able to expedite the work permit? My fiancé has a prospective job beginning in January for a company I freelance for. He has a friend from NZ who just went through this whole process and told us to get a letter of employment which would expedite the work permit - his (the friend's) permit took ONE MONTH to receive! (This summer!) This just sounds too good to be true to me, but otherwise I don't see the job working out since the current processing times are obscenely long. Just wondering if you or anyone has tried this or has heard of it working for anyone else. Thanks again for everything!
  2. If anyone in here is going to be living in NYC - I just wanted to share that there is a New York City AOS group! Join us!
  3. Hey all! I'm so glad I found this group! My fiance is coming into JFK from the Netherlands this Tuesday and we're getting married on Oct 6th! Happy to have some support in the NYC AOS process! 😄
  4. Thanks! I thought I had tried that, but maybe I did something wrong. I'll check again.
  5. I'm not able to log into the ceac website any longer. Anyone having this issue? How is everyone able to check if their visa is in "administrative processing" or "mailed" or whatever after their interview?
  6. Hey, does anyone know how to edit the embassy review? I had put some thoughts and comments in angle brackets, not thinking that it would turn into HTML, and it disappeared! Update: I figured it out. I had to write a whole new one.
  7. CONGRATS!!! Marc told me he met you! So happy for you guys!!!!
  8. Definitely! I need to make him do it and I'll copy paste it. 😅
  9. Fiance had his consulate interview today and we are APPROVED!!!!! So excited!!! Good luck to everyone and I'll see you in the AOS group!!!! 😘
  10. When was this? Still nothing has shown up and we are both checking consistently throughout the day. Is it updated in real time do you think? Or just during business hours?
  11. When did you get your interview appointment? We’ve been refreshing the website everyday and nothing has opened up for us yet!
  12. Hey there! I'm in the same situation, 4 months later. How long did you have to wait before an appointment opened up in Amsterdam? I can't believe after all this waiting, we're stuck HERE with no info on when we can make an appointment. I thought this was supposed to be the quick and easy part and I'm going crazy!!! 🤪 Thanks in advance!
  13. He already has a SSN from a previous visa. Does that speed up the process at all?