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  1. Hi everyone! Quick question: Our interview is schedule for the end of Aug (wooo!) and my husband had his overseas medical last year in July. I was under the impression that the medical is only good for one year, but according to the I-693 instructions "You are not required to have another medical examination as long as you file your Form I-485 within one year of an overseas medical examination." Since his medical was in July 2018, and we filed AOS in November, according to this statement, he should be okay to NOT have another medical, correct? I'd love just a little clarification/validation because this whole time I was thinking he'd need another medical since it's been over a year. Thank you!!!
  2. Saw this today! https://beta.washingtonpost.com/immigration/us-immigration-agency-to-transfer-citizenship-paperwork-from-busy-offices-hoping-to-reduce-wait-times/2019/06/17/2eb0bc2e-9119-11e9-b58a-a6a9afaa0e3e_story.html?outputType=amp
  3. Yep. He went to the SS office the next day and told me that the employee who helped him said they get this all the time and he’s sick of people coming from that particular MVC for it. Ha!
  4. Gaaah. It’s super annoying isn’t it? One stinky little letter 🤪
  5. Heads up for NJ residents! Husband went to get his driver license and they denied him because his SS card includes his middle initial, while his EAD card does not, and apparently they must match. I’m not sure if other states do this, but NJ is notoriously strict, so just wanted to send out a warning. Part the problem is that my husband already had an SS card from a previous visa, so this might not be an issue for most here in our lovely forum.
  6. EAD combo card was received today and we were only just approved on the 4th! Something actually happened sooner than expected!! WOWOWOW. Hoping for all Nov approvals to be over and done with soon!
  7. You've probably figured it out by now, but I found this to be helpful: The MVC website is so unclear and I don't recommend taking a trip there unless you want to wait an insanely long time just to ask a question.
  8. Our status went from “Case Was Approved” to “Card Was Mailed” the next day. Is that real? Was expecting a “New Card is Being Produced” update. Shouldn’t there be a tracking number sent at some point as well?
  9. I noticed movement around my number weeks ago. It was steadily climbing to ours...then just stopped. For two weeks. We were only 3 i765s from ours. It was upsetting. I barely saw ANYTHING being approved in a scan of 500 near me until last Friday when one i765 a few ahead of mine was approved (but I didn’t see it until today bc I gave up on scans when they moved the inquiry date.) Just when you think there’s method to the madness it goes back to chaos.
  10. DAY 211 AND THE EAD CARD IS FINALLY APPROVED!!!!! 😍 It was all very exciting. I ran a scan this morning, hit the button to view by date...and at the very top...the only movement for the day so far...was our number! I yelled, "Is that our number?! THAT'S OUR NUMBER!" and when I went back to the main screen, it updated to "Case is Approved" and there was literal confetti on the screen. Nice touch, Case Tracker. So anyway....WOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! What a struggle. We surpassed the K1 wait by 12 days. Hang in there everyone still waiting. It's coming.
  11. My husband called USCIS this morning despite the pushback just to get some answers. (We were SO CLOSE to the inquiry date!!! 😓) The Tier 2 lady he spoke to blamed the slowdown on the government shutdowns that have happened this past year. We were sure this process wasn't going to be affected because we PAY for it (and pay A LOT). He asked her, "so does this mean the information on the USCIS website is incorrect?" (See: https://www.uscis.gov/news/alerts/lapse-federal-funding-does-not-impact-most-uscis-operations ) She said yes. 🙄 Could this be real, or do you guys think it's just an excuse? Maybe these employees took those days off even though they weren't supposed to. Either way, uuuughhhhhh.
  12. Welp, we made it to Day 200. Officially surpassed the K1 wait, no RFEs anywhere. At this point we’re just looking forward to hitting the inquiry date next week. 🤪
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