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  1. I think I would call the Military help line to find out what the status of your case is and if they need anything else. I did that and it turned out that my case was stuck somewhere and the officer could forward it for me. Shortly after I had the interview appointment email. They can also check of your fingerprints were good or need to be resent. Also, did you receive an online access code that lets you create your account online? There you could upload more documents for USCIS to see and also email with them directly. Generally it always says if they need anything from you they will contact you.
  2. Hello calling it digitally was probably the wrong expression, more like electronically scanned - on a little machine and the lady printed it out for me, then I sent them off. First time I did it manually, means with ink on cards. No print out. They accepted them, even though they both got lost but after calling the military help line, they found them and added them to my case. Shortly after they asked for pictures again (already sent some with the original N400, but again, got lost 🤷🏻‍♀️) I sent them off and they got accepted. I now have my interview appointment in June. *fingers crossed*
  3. Hello :) i did it myself, no lawyer. The reasons I put down were -having kids from a previous marriage with the father living in Germany, 2 kids are a minor. -my dad isn’t in good health and I need to be able to stay with him longer to take care of him if it’s getting worse. -other reasons you read in forums like keeping the right to vote and close ties to family here etc. -my job situation wouldn’t be easy if I lost German citizenship, I might have lost my job. I wrote a long list. I heard that property in Germany or owning a business is accepted as reasons too but I don’t have that. I explained my situation why I need US citizenship too. Don’t know what in the end made them approve it but I’m happy they did. The guy who I dropped off my application with told me that it most likely will get denied. But whoever approved it thought differently. :D Good luck to you - keeping my fingers crossed!
  4. Hello! i received notice about approval maybe 4 weeks ago and had to pick it up at the district administration (Kreisverwaltung). It came from Trier. It didn’t take long really, I think maybe 8 weeks, I was really surprised because I was expecting it to be way longer. But I guess it’s more countryside here and maybe not many people filing for it. Good luck to you! I hope it comes soon! Im so very nervous for my interview - I’m just hoping all my paperwork was good and that they checked it all before inviting me.
  5. Hey news news news! i was granted keeping my German citizenship once I get naturalized also, they scheduled me for my N400 interview in June. I am so nervous! Hope all is well with you!
  6. Hello my N400 interview is coming up (filed under 319b) Now I have a few questions (I tried google it but I can’t find much, im probably way too nervous right now to do a proper google search anyway lol) 1. Does my husband need to be with me to the interview? We live overseas (military) and it is now a little complicated for him to take time off work around that time due to unforeseen reasons. Can I fly by myself to attend the interview in case he can’t make it? Of course, with all needed paperwork. 2. I am granted to keep my German citizenship when I’m getting naturalized. I will travel to the US with my German passport, can I exit the US with the German passport again or do i have to have a US passport before flying back to Europe? I will file for an expedite one when I’m there but I am not sure if the time of my stay is long enough to receive it before I have to leave again. 3. I know this is the question that everyone has - Would they schedule me for an interview if there was still something wrong with my paperwork? Paperwork has been with them for a couple months and it kept saying they’re reviewing it. Now, I know I have to pass history and English test and have to answer questions about my N400, but I’m wondering if they actually checked my paperwork thoroughly already and if it had gotten denied prior to interview if something was wrong (hoping everything is ok)? I’m afraid I’ll fly over there and then they will be like ‘sorry ABC wasn’t right or didn’t meet regulations’ and deny me .. Thank you so much in advance for answers
  7. Hello no real updates. Online it says ‘on Feb 12 we are actively reviewing your application’ and it’s been saying that since Feb12. Then they just changed the date to March 27 but still actively reviewing. Just have to be patient I guess.
  8. I don’t expect any rules to be changed. I asked if something was possible as another option and people said no, so now I know.
  9. Because we don’t have 2 years. We are supposed to leave Europe (husband on military orders) by the end of this year. i am currently in process of getting naturalized- my N400 status is ‚being actively reviewed‘ We‘ve filed under 319b. It was just crossing my mind if we could take my son and file for him stateside if for some reason the N400 gets denied or takes too long for us. Of course we are still hoping for the N400 to get through so I can petition him as a US citizen.
  10. Yes, thank you we are in the process of everything mentioned there but we’re still looking for other options for worst case scenario.
  11. Helli we are just looking for options. I’m a GC holder and want to petition my 19yo German son. Does he have to be in Germany to file with me for a visa or can he be in the US (for 90 days) and then file from there while being here as a tourist? Does he have to leave although his petition would be pending or can he stay in the US with me til it’s approved or denied?
  12. Well.. the flight to Dublin was delayed so we got there pretty late. I was chosen for an extra security check (randomly) and that delayed everything even more. I ended up missing my connecting flight to Washington. (Was offered different connection) But Dublin precleared everything in that airport already, they checked my package and stamped my passport with the ‚green card stamp‘ like I just entered to the US. I received my physical green card just recently in the mail. Basically, plan enough time - so that delayed flights and long lines at security and preclearence won’t do anything to you Good luck!
  13. If they live overseas on military orders command sponsored the time they live there counts as ‘living in the US’ also, depending on the case there’s an expedite option to get naturalized.
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