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  1. Told you that aide was a bit confused. Your congressman very likely helped since put the request in officer’s eyes again. I would get back to that aide and let them know, clearly they do not know the power they wield.
  2. Being nervous is fine, the 2% chance of failure or delay would suck. Just be honest, relax and enjoy it will be celebratory day.
  3. Should be 5 days after “card is being produced” update they are doing the card printing fast at least these days.
  4. Depends how much the IO has. Truly if the officer said they were going to approve they should have approved the i130 very fast especially since you got the ROC files. You are going to have to make an infopass or reach scott peters/senator/ombudsman. Maybe IO went on vacation or taking time to check something hopefully otherwise they do actually want more information. Based on experiences seen in SD office, those not approved on the spot still got their i130 approved very quickly. The i485 took a bit longer.
  5. No where in the 447 page document does it say both spouses needed to be employed.
  6. You can try your senator next to try to see if can get a better response. Truly that said your caseworker seems a bit incorrect, possibly if the application is at an officer that means it has reached someones desk and the expedite worked. Now how that officer deals with is a question and maybe its at the bottom of thier desk. But many people who got that response had their case approved in 2 weeks or so.
  7. We were SD too. What did the officer say? Did you get the 2 slips for ROC and sign it? Have you got an approval notice for your i-130?
  8. Mine came 17 days after interview. 2-3 weeks seems correct. Is your status approved and card produced?
  9. Would it be fair if someone who did not have children or any interest in it, was your interviewing officer and showed bias? Would it be fiar if someone who has raised multiple children and considers its the main evidence, was your interviewing officer and showed bias? Would you welcome a scenario where there is a 50/50 chance one of those two situations occurs? I highly doubt you do, and truly hope you undersand that USCIS officers are trained to follow the manuals in place and assess every part and the entire case they are given. As well the procedure is to evaluate the case as a whole with the evidence given to them, while ofcourse anyone being human can show bias this is not exactly a situation anyone on VJ should prefer. The fact that a couple officers told you that "oh children is a very strong from of evidence I consider", just hope they had a bad day at the office cause that is not exactly a very good answer by them. Previously when have seen on here a few chances where people have posted discussions with senoir USCIS staff they met randomly, the majority of the respones was similar to "no one peice of evidence breaks/makes a case, they evaluate everything in totality." This process is not to show a family unit, how much two people love each other, how romantic you are, how intimate you are. While a few examples of stokes interviews, have shown pressure questions where an IO has asked about these things, intimacy as a example it is not the focus of memorandums or anything can find about USCIS procedures or bulk of interview experiences. The goal again is to judge if you have a "bonafided marriage" through honest respones and various evidence.
  10. Should be the same. Unless they had to re-do biometrics. All should be your biometrics picture, gotta look your best for biometrics day.
  11. http://www.kurucz.ca/expatrepat/usa.php#taxes has many good examples and site known people have used.
  12. Dinged, does not mean denied right away. Just the IO asks for it and starts to get annoyed, many people without any bank accounts have got through the process fine. You have to evaluate your whole case all together and see what works for you. Just may not want to expain why you the account does not exist and just start to show joint insurance or so.
  13. Received GC today. 5 days after approval it was produced and mailed fast.
  14. Try to stay calm and just call later that week and ask your questions directly. Truly those poor people have a very job now since they are overwhelmed daily. But that said majority of them are not very good at their jobs.
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