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  1. Thank you for the response
  2. PD 09/26/2017 Filled i 130, (Approved 08/18) I filed my i 485, i 765, i 131 on 90/29/ 2018 - Package received by USCIS 10/03/18 - Biometrics 10/29/18 - RFE 10/29/18 (join sponsor) - Response to RFE received by USCIS 12/09/18 - Case ready to schedule for interview 12/18/18 (i 485) Still on case received for i 765 and i 131 Kindly advise how does it take for the EAD / AP to approved?
  3. I filed for i 485, combo 09/29/2018 after my i 130 stand alone was approved, my question is i didn't file i 693 form, what can i do to file it or should i wait till the interview to file it because i know uscis is not issuing RFEs anymore. Please help what can i do? Thank you
  4. Thank you guys, finally we received the approval, its been uplifting and encouraging. Thank you people
  5. I don't even know if they are working on our case cause it stats recieved "will start working on your case soon" its been 93 days since, there has been no any other update 😔
  6. What is the procedure for contacting the Congressman
  7. Our case is out of processing time too, next month it will one solid year since we filed
  8. Oh ok, i thought it was 60 to 90 days Ok thank you
  9. I did i got response that they will get back to us by September 6