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  1. Happy to report that after 21 months, I was finally approved today! Sooooo happy 😊 and thankful! Filed March 8th 2017 to CSC Transferred to Nebraska in April 2018 RFE received in Oct 2018 Response sent Nov 2018 Received notification of card being produced today 🙂
  2. Good luck! Hope you get approved on the spot
  3. When is your interview scheduled for?
  4. I forgot to ask you, how long did it take you to hear back? I hope it doesn’t take too long, just have so many things to stress about lately that I really wish I could get some good news soon!
  5. I initially submitted: copies of DLs showing same address health insurance for 2015 - 2017 2013, 2014 tax return (we had amended 2015 so that one wasn’t available) auto insurance showing us both under the policy Husband’s 401k showing me as beneficiary husbands life insurance policy showing me as beneficiary photos of us with family Different membership cards with both of our names some utility bills so we have been married since 2013 received green card in April 2015. The rfe asked for proof of joint residence (they didn’t list the DL copies and we don’t have a lease as we live in a property owned by my parents) asked for birth certificates of children (which we don’t have any) and proof of comingling of finances and liabilities. Sent our RFE response last week, Nov 22nd. Included the following: Exhibit A: Copies of current driver’s licenses showing our joint residence Copy of a notarized affidavit in lieu of lease from My mom who owns the property we live in attesting that we’ve loved there since feb 2013 Copy of the warranty deed of the property showing mom as owner Copy of our State Farm condo policy addressed to both of us listed as insured under the policy Exhibit B Copy of husband’s current 401K showing me as 100% beneficiary Copy of official HR letter from My work showing Husband a my 401K beneficiary Copy of Husbands 2019 upcoming benefit enrollment showing Me as listed dependent Copy of Husbands pension showing Me as 100% beneficiary Copy of Husband’s current benefits showing Me as beneficiary for Basic LIfe, Supplemental Life, AD&D, and Business travel account Copy of my benefits showing Husband as covered dependent and beneficiary for basic life insurance, supplemental insurance AD&D and short term disability for 2016 and 2017 Copy of my 2018 benefits showing Husband as the beneficiary of life insurance Copy of My 2016-2017 401K through past employer showing Husband as beneficiary Copies of Husband benefit confirmation statement showing me as a covered dependent and beneficiary for health insurance, life insurance, AD&D and short term disability policy for 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 Copy of Husband’s benefits dashboard also showing me as dependent and beneficiary for 2015 My worry with these evidence is that we don’t get physical copy so o had to print out the designations from our online dashboards. Is this still acceptable? Exhibit 😄 Copies of bank statement from Feb 2015 when we first opened the account to 2018 (5 random statements per year) from our joint savings account showing deposits from both of us (different jobs) and paying our Capital One credit cards Copy of my mom’s bank account showing 5 deposits throughout 2017-2018 from Our joint account showing payment of a $1500 loan to repair the bathrooms in our residence. Copy of my checking account showing our 2017 tax refund deposited into my personal checking account, $x amount transferred to our joint account and $x amount to pay the property tax (copy of receipt also enclosed) Exhibit 😧 Copies of our secured Capital One credit cards and copy of online account showing Me as the owner and Husband as an authorized user Copies of our joint Credit One credit cards, showing same card number but with each of our names Exhibit E: Copy of 2013 IRS account transcript showing both of our ssn and filed as married jointly (tax transcript wasn’t available to be requested) Copy of 2014 IRS tax transcript showing both of our ssn, our joint residence and filed as married jointly Copy of the amended 2015 tax return 1040x form we mailed in as the transcript wasn’t available for download as well as a screenshot of IRS.gov showing amended tax was submitted. Tax form shows our joint residence and filed as married jointly Copy of 2016 IRS tax transcript showing both of our ssn, our joint residence and filed as married jointly Copy of 2017 IRS tax transcript showing both of our ssn, our joint residence and filed as married jointly Copies of car insurance policy showing both our names as covered insured from 2013,2014, 2015 2016, 2017 and 2018 Copy of letter from Geico showing we have both been insured under the same policy since 07/2012 (since we lived under the same residence) Exhibit F: Utility bills addressed to each of us at our joint residence for all of our utilities, which include: T-mobile (phone bill) random statements from 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 showing Husband as the account holder at our joint residence and both of our numbers listed under the account. Duke Energy (electric) Statements for 2016, 2017, 2018 showing Husband as the account holder. Unfortunately we called Duke Energy to get copies of our past bills but we were told they only kept bills for the last two years. We are also including a screenshot of our online dashboard that shows the account has been active at our joint address since 02/04/2013 Maitland City utilities (water, garbage etc) 2014, 2017, 2018 in my name as they only allow one person as the account holder. They only had statements for 2017-2018 but we found an old bill from 2014 and we included email notifications of the bill due showing the same account number for 2015 and 2016 Bright House/Spectrum (cable) showing Husband as the account holder. Again, we called to get copies of past statements but we were told they do not have copies of past statements.We’ve Included two statements from current year as well as a copy of a work order form 2014 . We are also including a copy of our online account showing Me as the authorized user for the account Exhibit G: Copies of (37) different bills and mailers addressed to each of us at our joint residence 824 Park Lake Pl, Maitland FL 32751 over our 5 years of marriage 2013 - current (includes copies of some of our w2 we had on hand) Exhibit H: Copies of health insurance cards showing each other as dependent from 2013- 2015, dental card showing covered dependent, copy of our Disney annual passes for 2016-2017, copy of our current Disney Silver annual passes, Copy of our 2017 Orlando City annual passes, Copy of our 2018 Orlando City annual passes, Copy of our AAA membership cards. Membership card to a local theater Exhibit I: Two affidavits from sister and brother in law I also wrote a letter on why we don’t have more commingling of finances from 2013-2015, I wasn’t working and my husband lost his job (that’s also why we didn’t file AOS until two years into our marriage) not sure what else I could have submitted as we do like keeping our own checking accts separate and we don’t have any kids.
  6. Hi Everyone! Thought I’d create a thread for 2017 ROC filers who have received RFE to maybe keep track of how long it took to receive a response after submitting your rfe, questions about what else to submit and just general support. We filed on March 2017 for ROC, case was transferred to Nebraska on April 6th, received RFE on October 23rd, sent in response on November 22nd. anypne on a similar boat? Any clue on processing time for rfe?
  7. Thanks! I sent the RFE response package on Monday! I’m guessing with the holidays it will take some time but hoping We get good news soon!
  8. Thank you for replying back! So just a bit of background, we got married in 2013 but we actually didn’t apply for AOS until late feb and got approved at the beginning of 2015, stupid me I didn’t save the stuff I sent back then so I don’t have a lot from the early years. The RFE asked for proof of same residence, commingling of finances and children, this is so far what we have gathered: Copies of both or driver licenses showing same residence (we sent this in the past, but we just renewed them) Car insurance showing both of us under samepolicy for 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 IRS transcripts for 2013, 2014, 2016, 2017 2015 (copy of amended tax submitted to IRS as we just did this) joint savings bank acct statements from 2015 to current (that’s when we opened the acct and I forgot to send this initially as I only sent a Silly paper card from the bank that showed our same acct number) Life insurance statement from work from 2015-2018 showing me as a beneficiary on his policy Life insurance statement from 2016 to 2018 showing him as beneficiary on my policy 2016-2017 401k showing him as the beneficiary on my acct current 401k showing him as the beneficiary husbands 401k showing me as beneficiary medical insurance cards showing me listed as covered dependent from 2013 - 2016 (we currently have separate medical insurance because it made more sense financially) the house we live in is owned by my mother, so she wrote a notarized affidavit stating that we have been living here since we got married in 2013 and that we are responsible for all utilities utility bills (this one is tough as none of our utilities allow two people as acct holders and I wasn’t able to get previous statements except from cable company going all the way back to 2013) electric in his name I will send 2018 statements and I have an old statement showing that the account has been active since feb 2013 at our current residence. Water is in my name I can show statements as early as 2014, cable is in his name and sadly we could only get 2017, 2018 statements so not sure what to do here? my credit is terrible so we don’t have any other joint accounts but I do have one secured card to try to rebuild my credit and I just added him as an authorized user, the problem is his card won’t appear in past statements should I just go ahead send a copy of the credit cards only?And explain our financial situation? Sending vet bills showing us both as responsible for our dog +pictures Im also sending copies of our annual disney passes, membership cards to AAA, costco cards two affidavits from family About 30 different bills sent to each of us at our residence from 2013 until today pictures of us, family and friends over the years and cards addressed to both of us and each other honestly not sure what else to send 😕
  9. Thanks so much! im submitting also bank statements from 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, more pictures, even records of the dog we have since we don’t have children due to a medical condition I have, should I go ahead and explain that?
  10. Hi everyone, I received an RFE yesterday regarding our case. Two questions, can I travel abroad while rfe is pending?i have a trip this coming Friday. second question, the letter said I need more evidence regarding living together, financial commingling as well as any power of attorney etc. The problem is my husband and I decided from the Beginning we wouldn’t be sharing a bank acct and for the last 5 years we have lived in a house that my parents own any ideas on how I can show more evidence. We have actually been married for 5 years and together for 8. Also initially I also only sent the tax return of 2014 as2015 had an error and we had to resubmit it. im thinking of sending: 2014 tax return - again 2015 tax return 2016 tax return 2017 tax return 401k from 2016-2017 with him as beneficiary of my policy life insurance, short term disability and accident insurance for 2016, 2017, showing him as beneficiary and same for him showing me as beneficiary condo insurance showing us both as insured parties geico insurance showing both of our names for 2016, 2017, 2018 Current 401k showing me as beneficiary and showing him as beneficiary on mine ive added him as an authorized user to my credit card and he has done the same for one of his credit cards energy, water, cable, and phone, although these do not have both of our names because the companies only let us add one we can show we are both responsible for the bulk of utilities bills at the same address. copy of our DL showing same address any other ideas?? Thank you
  11. Is there anyone out there who filed at the same time I did and hasn’t received their green card? I’m starting to get really worried and disappointed with the whole process. My case was received on March 10th 2017 on April 4th of 2018 I got a letter in the mail saying my case had been transferred to Nebraska and no updates since then except for an extension letter about a month and half ago. The automated phone system said my case was in Laguna Niguel, CA but a tier 2 officer confirmed its in Nebraska. :( seems like most ppl that filed around my date had been processes
  12. Hi Everyone! Long time lurker but wanted to add my experience and hope for any insight. I'm a march 2017 filer and had not received a peep from my case until Feb 26th when i got the notification online saying my case had been transferred as everyone else i assumed it was a glitch. Then on April 3rd I received another notification saying my case had been transferred and today i receive a NOA on the mail saying that after preliminary review my case has been transferred to the LIncoln, NE office which now has jurisdiction over my case. Im in FL so I am a CSC filer why would my case be transferred to Nebraska, anyone else received a notification in the mail?