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  1. Hi everyone, I am panicking because it's almost time to send my i751 form. I am a conditional resident, married to my lovely husband whom I've known since High School. It will be my two year anniversary as conditional resident in July. We live in Texas and are both 24, and are still very dependent on our parents (financially). I am stressed out about the documents that we have to provide, which we do not have and cannot provide because we are still students. I work part time, he is looking for a stable job. The documents we have are: Cover letter Marriage certificate My green card front/back 2 affidavits (cousin and brother in law) Letter explaining our future plans Driver license (both of ours with same address) Tax return 2017 including both names Photos Pictures of concert including tickets Receipt of upcoming event with both names Sam's club joint membership Gym membership (also joint) We do not have and do not plan on having kids yet. We also have separate bank accounts because we simply don't wanna fight over money. Our parents pay our phone bills and we don't need to pay rent. What else can I include that we could provide in this short period of time? I'm in desperate need of some help.
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