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  1. No updates..these people are a joke. Have you don’t anything about yours?
  2. Congressman said case is still pending.
  3. This whole system is broken. They are on their own time and will respond whenever they like. I'm sure even when you're outside of processing times they'll find a way to give a lame excuse pending security checks for who knows what
  4. I am going to try ombudsman. However, I was the processing range they provided to elapse first because they’ll probably say I’m within processing times which doesn’t make any sense
  5. Any updates? I still haven’t received an update from Uscis or my congressman. I’m running out of patience
  6. What is the theory behind years? I can agree with a year but not years. What exactly is being sought after? You don’t think people files are collecting dust or have been forgotten?
  7. We all know that’s just a bogus excuse uscis give. The fbi name checks take 6-8weeks to complete according to their website. I can’t wait to be done with these people
  8. Oh ok...I will contact my congressman and tell him that then. I’m not sure why they are delaying us
  9. They said they are doing background check. I contacted lawyer but he said I should give it sometime and I also contacted congressman and that’s when I got the exact same message you got
  10. Yes, I had my interview back in October 2017. I am from South Africa
  11. Oh wow. Now the process is taking very long for citizenship for some reason. Hopefully your oath letter comes in the mail this week
  12. So you haven’t done the n400 interview yet? I have contacted my congressman again as well. When I first contacted my congressman I got the exact same message you posted when you first made this post
  13. My situation is exactly the same as yours. My i751 pended for over 2yrs. Now my n400 is pending security checks. When did you i751 get approved? Did you take any actions to get it moving? Wow it’s shocking to me why we both have to go through security checks twice especially since we went through one when we were removing conditions
  14. Nope I did not change my name at all. I am actually in a similar situation