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  1. Thanks. Do you have the email address to use for the France Embassy to request this exception?
  2. Thanks so much for the quick reply. In terms of the best email to use for the french embassy, do you have any email addresses? it is nearly impossible to find one on their website. 2 more questions: - Is there any way to email about the direct consular filing without being married first, and if approved...then go through the process of getting married? - Also, based on my situation, would it be considered straightforward - I am American, he is French and Portuguese, but has lived his entire life in France. We have both never been married and have no criminal records. What makes cases not straightforward for this process? Merci!
  3. Hi. I have a simliar situation (receiving an offer to transfer with my company in less than 5 months), but 1 small difference - i am trying to determine if it is best to get married to my fiance and take the chance of applying for this exception for an i-130, or file through a K1 fiance visa. As if the exception petition is declined, we then have a much longer process with the i-130 through the US vs the time for a k1 visa. i have a couple of questions related to your experience: - did you already file for the i-130 through the US and then request the exception? i see they requested "scanned copies of documentation/evidence of filing at post" - i have tried to use the form at the website you listed https://fr.usembassy.gov/visas/visa-section-contact-form/, however i already have to be in process with something? or am I understanding this wrong? - when you say "(they accept cases that look quite straightforward)", do you think that just getting married right before filing would be looked at negatively? - I have seen from others experiences that they had to contact the UCISC office in Rome, did you do this? Thanks so much.
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