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  1. After arriving to the us when can you apply for ssn and work permit?
  2. Oo ok thank u and when my finace got it bck he took his passport out from the sealed plastic n left the rest sealed is tht ok?
  3. When you get your passport bck along with it u get a packet sayin no not open can you tell me who opens tht ? I beileve the us does at the airport? N also if after they open do they keep the paper work or do they give it back?
  4. Wat does the status say on the trackin for empost if ur passport is ready to he picked up?
  5. When does the status on the ceac change after gettin aprroved?
  6. Wat documents do they give back to u ? Did they keep the i-134
  7. Wat color slip did they hand u after tellin u, u are approved? What color slip did they hand u after tellin u u were aprroved
  8. Ur appt. Was at 8 am so by when were u out of the embassy? How long was the whole process?
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