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  1. I finally got a notification that my permanent green card has been sent to my address and my N-400 also updated to interview scheduled. My interview will be on Feb 14th. I'm relieved to finally get some movement on my case
  2. I finally got an update today! My I-751 was approved and the card has been sent out. My N-400 was also approved today and the interview was scheduled for Feb 14th in the Tampa office. Does anyone know if Tampa does same day oath ceremonies? TYIA and good luck to everyone! Submitted I-751 on 5/31/2020 Submitted I-751 on 5/31/2021
  3. I got my 24month extension letter in the mail 2 weeks ago. Other than that absolutely no update since they let me know that my case was getting transferred to another office.
  4. I had actually come home from the ER (horrible stomach bug) at around 8pm so my husband helped me get out of the car and I forgot my purse with wallet inside. I normally never ever leave my wallet anywhere. My car was also locked so they smashed my window We live in a gated community and this is the first time someone breaks in cars. A bunch of my neighbors got their cars broken into as well unfortunately.
  5. Thank you so much for your reply Arken! I already filed the police report as a ton of my stuff was stolen. Have a great day !
  6. Hey Guys! Do you now if they ask you to show your expired green card at either the I-751 interview or citizenship interview? I have a pending I-751 but decided to file for citizenship at the end of May based on 3 year rule. However, my car got broken into last night and my wallet with my green card was taken. I really don't want to have to replace my green card since 1. It's expired 2. It's about $455. Does anyone have any insight on this? Would really appreciate it, thanks!
  7. Hi guys! My car got broken into last night ( alarm was deactivated) and my wallet with my green card was stolen. My green card expired back in Aug 2020 and I had applied for removal of conditions based on marriage back in May 2020. The I-751 has not been approved yet but I went ahead and applied for citizenship this past May 2021 based on 3 year marriage rule. Since my green card was already expired do I really need to file for a replacement ($455)? Will they ask me to bring that to my citizenship/removal of conditions interviews? I have a job that I'm not planning on leaving so I don't really need to have my expired green card for anything. I also have the document stating that my green card has been extended for 18 months and a color copy of the back and front of my expired green card? Can anyone please advise me on what to do? I really don't want to pay the $455 as I just paid the fee for citizenship last monht. Thanks in advance guys!
  8. Hi Guys! I applied 5/30 based on 3 year rule and got the notice saying they'll be reusing my biometrics the same day. I have a pending I-751 which I applied to back in late May 2020. My office is Tampa, Fl. I will keep you guys updated on how my case goes. Good luck everyone!
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