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  1. Welcome to the Ukraine and Georgia club. We started this process in October 2016. Will file 751 in February

  2. Rayandrina

    K1 Issued

    Don't know about Phillipines, but here in Ukraine ours took 2 days from issued to in hand. and thats trveling pretty much across the entire country so... You should see your Visa very soon. And congratulations!!
  3. Rayandrina

    I-134 cosponsor form

    Thank you so much for your input. I did exactly as you said and it worked perfectly. Approved this morning! It means a lot that you took the time to answer my questions and for that I am grateful.
  4. Right, I was just concerned about the fact that the beneficiary can't work in the USA until later down in the process and they may have wanted to know that you will support them in the beginning and on out. But as payxibka has stated, the affidavit of support document and supporting documents should cover this question on its own for the K1.
  5. Awesome! Thank you for the swift response.
  6. Ok, I am confused. Every Youtube video walkthrough and written instructions from people that has gone completely through the process says to check "Intend to" and write you intend to provide room and board and all other needs for this person. I'm at this stage and would like to know 100% about what to put there.
  7. Rayandrina

    packet 3 required for booking medical?

    I would really like to know the answer to this too! We are in the same situation.
  8. Are you talking about the passport size photos reqired to send with petition? If this is the case, we didn't either for these or any other photos we sent including many pictures showing relationship. We have been approved with no problems on that part. We did however get an RFE for "lost" divorce paper. You really shouldn't worry about this. Good luck with your Journey!!
  9. OK, so I am filling out the I134 sponsor form. I am self employed as I own my own business. I have 4 children and was divorced last year. On my most recent tax return (2017) I only claimed 2 children as dependents and ex claimed the other 2. I'm worried that with this many children that I will fall short of the income requirement. So, I'm getting my mother, who makes more than enough to sponsor us. My questions are; will I only have to show that I am responsible for two children as this is what's on my most recent income taxes? I'm filling out a joint sponsor from my mother as backup and who does she need to show as dependents? She lives with my father but he supports himself. Should it just be herself and my fiance? Should she show dependents as all of us, herself and all of my family? And last but not least, I have a home that has equity. Should I use the house with equity that's not paid for in full or just use real estate that is paid in full? Sorry for all the questions, but wanting to get this perfect. Was hoping to find someone that went through this process in a similar situation. Thank you so much in advance for any advice!!😊😊
  10. Hey, just wanted to clarify about our RFE. Our lawyer called the actual officer working on our case and she said that these papers were "missing". Lost? So, we sent the same papers along with proof of civilian paper. We got our approval Friday the 27th. So, if you sent the Zags paperwork, you will be OK! Just wanted to lighten your worries about this situation. Your approval will be coming soon!! Good luck with the whole process and I hope I made your day a little brighter!
  11. We have gotten a new justice department order and having this appostilled and notarized and translated. Along with another official document showing final divorce. Things are different in Ukraine in the matter of marriage and divorce where most do not happen in court. The RFEs are good and bad in a way. Good because you pretty much know that what they ask for is the only thing that is deficient in your petition and you get a chance to really beef that part up. USCIS is saying, you get us this one little thing and we are good. No Noid and no denial. The bad part is adding a little bit of time to the time we have already waited.
  12. Thank you! They were only asked for the final divorce papers. We are gathering up indisputable evidence for this. Hoping for the best for you! Good things are coming soon🙂
  13. Proof of legal termination of marriage Submit a legible copy of the legal termination of marriage of Maryna and Dennis .Such proof would normally be a final (absolute) divorce decree, death certificate, annulment etc...In order for a legal termination of a marriage to be valid for immigration purposes, it generally must be valid in the jurisdiction where it was terminated.In addition, the divorce must also be recognized in the jurisdiction where any subsequent marriage occurred.Note: A divorce nisi is not considered to be evidence of a final divorce.
  14. I know about checking the website for a change every 10 minutes😁 To give you a little peace of mind about the divorce document, i think ours was questioned because her ex husband took her last name and kept it after the divorce. So they are still showing the same last name. This is fairly common in Ukraine. Also, Ukraine handles divorces out if a justice office not courthouse. So this causes confusion with USCIS too. Do you use the new USCIS website to check on your case status? Its where we got our notice as soon as it was done. The old website, apps, email, texts are still all silent and not showing the updated status. https://myaccount.uscis.dhs.gov
  15. Thank you so much for answering so quick! I was thinking this was the case, but no positive. I got to thinking that maybe I didn't label our picture of us together with names and locations and dates, but I don't think that would be an issue either because picture are not actually a requirement. I did send flight tickets, baggage tickets, passport stamps, receipts from purchases, apartment confirmations etc... along with the pictures. And..I see that your Noa2 is gonna be here any day now!! The waiting has been stressful😵