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  1. Hello, im going to refile ead tomorrow. Is there anything else i need to submit along with current EAD card, noa 1 from 485? Thank you for the help ❤️
  2. Married June 19 2018 still no update for AOS interview, Filled in texas. Is this normal or should we inquire about this? Thank you.
  3. Sho Ishizaki

    I-9 entry for work

    thank you geowrian for the response. one last question, I was on a j1 visa a year ago and had a ssn with dhs "VALID FOR WORK ONLY WITH DHS AUTHORIZATION." I am worried my ssn will interfere with my job. Is that okay with my EAD card? Can i update my ssn ?
  4. Greetings, I am currently in the process of filling out I-9 document Employment Eligibility Verification for my work. Im confused what to put , do i select A lawful permanent resident asking for Alien/uscis number or do i select An alien authorized to work until?? I have my EAD card and just waiting for my Greencard interview date. Thank you
  5. Yes, it can work. I know someone who came here on a j1 visa and married someone after her internship was over then adjusted her status. I think she met him through a friend while in her internship . i dont think she wanted to go back home. Her intentions whether inlove or to not go home isnt up to my judgment, but its currently working for her. Goodluck!
  6. Hello, what number can i call to inquire about the status of my ead petition? it has been more than 100 days since we filled. Thank you.
  7. Thank you for your response! Is my wife eligible to apply for a drivers license? If not, when can she? And we have a joint bank account that we've been using. is it possible to have her authorize to use my credit card as well?
  8. Hello , Any advice is appreciated, thank you! Me and my wife were married June 2018 and currently are waiting for EAD/AP and aos interview. We have a few questions on what type of documents and proof we need to have for our AOS interview, if we do have one. A short summary about our situation- We are both young 22 and 23 currently in college. We are being sponsored by my father for the AOS , which we documented. We live under the same roof with my father. Proof we have currently are a joint bank account under both our names and updated pictures with family. We need help on what other proof we can provide for our AOS interview . I have a job but I don't have full time status so we are not elligble for benefits. I have read the guides here on visa journey on what proof we can provide, but we cant provide that much. What other proof can we provide? Thank you!
  9. Even if we didnt file it at the same courthouse we had our marriage ceremony at?
  10. hello, me and my fiance were recentlyt married in a court house and filled our marriage license ourselves at the county office. did we do that correct or was the judge who conducted the wedding suppose to document/file it himself? Also just to make sure our marriage was filled before the 90 days , how can we be for sure it was documented correctly? We also just received confirmation that USCIS received our AOS packet. we are just worried and wanting to make sure nothing important is past its due date and would cause any immigration problems. thank you
  11. We will be sending off our application for AOS in about a week . Would like to know how much the process will cost and how long it will take. Thank you!
  12. Sho Ishizaki

    i864a form help for k1 visa Co sponsorship Manila

    Thank you Hank! Yes for the time being, we will be residing with my mother . Will we need to to provide 864a then?
  13. Have a question regarding 864a form. Since i am the main sponsor and my mother will be co sponsor (if needed), we are providing 864/864a form as well for intentions that my mother will financially support us if needed. Im confused on the form when it ask for household member and sponsor. My mother will fil out household member but not the part asking for sponsor statment ? That sponsor statement would be me?
  14. Sho Ishizaki

    Philippines k1 visa DS160

    I worked at a restaurant for less than 2 weeks but we decided not to include that.. will we be introuble for that?
  15. Sho Ishizaki

    Philippines k1 visa DS160

    I am the beneficiary, do i have to bring my resume for the jobs I listed on my ds160? Also i wasnt able to put all the jobs i previously worked on the ds160 form, i think i was only able to put two. Will that okay? thank you