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  1. Hi, the interview went well. No RFE was requested prior and after the interview. Nothing was mentioned in the interview about lack of evidence. Basically, I survived all of the torment by prayers and courage enough to get out of that place. I did not have money to ask for psychological help or evaluation at that time.I did not resort to anti depressants as I did not want to depend on those medications. I survived and was able to get back on my feet again by working hard to support myself after that and focused on work to divert the pain. Slowly, I got over it.The healing took a while.. I have lots of evidence about bonafide marriage. It is just that things went from normal to worse that I had to move out for my sanity and peace of mind. This situation made me a stronger person and motivated me to work harder to forget everything. What I have right now is a stamp on my passport allowing me to work and travel for another year while patiently waiting. Thank you for your reply.
  2. I filed I -751 ROC in Sept 2017 alone due to abuse. I separated from my husband after a year of being with him. He completely changed 380 degrees, and made verbal threats against me to report to immigration even if I didn’t do something wrong. For these reasons. I hired an immigration lawyer. i submitted all proofs of bonafide marriage starting from the time we were married in my country. I worked hard to support myself without depending on him after the separation. I had no psychological reports of abuse because I barely had money that time. I only had church support, prayers, and affidavits from friends.After almost a year of separation,I filed for divorce and it was approved. I had a lawyer who helped me with the filing of ROC and when I was called for interview, I handed the final divorce decree to the officer. My question is, at the time of filing of ROC papers, everything was based on emotional abuse. Then, my papers were not updated using divorce waiver by my lawyer. I handed the final divorce paper to the officer.Will USCIS update my status to divorce waiver? we both entered marriage in good faith and my ex husband promised to me and my family he would never hurt me. But things changed. I am patiently waiting since June 2019. Any experiences past 120 days since the interview? Are they following the timelines based on receipt of cases in the local offices?
  3. Hi there, I have the same situation. I was interviewed by the officer and that same paper was given to me. When I checked my status online by creating an account, it says, We received your case. You don't need to do anything at this time but will contact you if we need anything from you as we review your case. Did you go with your lawyer? Also, during the interview, I handed to the officer the final divorce decree which was just finalized because I submitted the papers with an abuse waiver. We both married in good faith.. I just can say..GOD KNOWS and SEES everything and He will make a WAY. Patience and prayers work!
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