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  1. I used a lawyer in Missouri because this is where I live his name is Michael Sharma Crawford . But I see you are in Tenesee . And usually it's recommended to use a lawyer in the same state your wife lives for easier communication. Good luck
  2. Hi Ayman . Yes lawyers prompt them to get the job done . Don't listen to this that lawyers can't do anything for administrative processing . At least he will find out what is the reason for delay . What the lawyers can't help with big red flags . Like big age difference between you and your wife that she isn't within child bearing age because they know that children are very important for middle eastern men . If they found out that you are married . If they found out that you lied in your application or presented fake papers . Yes those are stuff a lawyer can't help with . But other than that lawyers in the US in general help a.lot and helped in immigration cases
  3. Oh that was 4 years ago . And we have been in thw IS now for a year . I understand about the tips and everything had to be done with tips that's why I just went ahead and hired a lawyer and paid him to get it over because dealing with the emplyees is so frustrating. But I have to say it was my mistake for assuming that as long as we married in the embassy abroad it should be ok and actually was lazy to get the marriage registered . Good luck .
  4. The same problem happened to me . If you marry in an embassy abroad . You have to go to have it registered in Abbasya then the department of justice in Cairo . A big long story . I actually hired a lawyer to do it for me .
  5. Maggie wallace

    How to increase chance of Approval. PLEASE HELP!!

    Unfortunately tourist visa is up to the consulate . If her husband isn't alive it will be very hard to be approved. But she can come to one of the Latin America countries and you all go spend a few days with her . It's going to be cheaper that way and the visa to those countries are very easy . EQUADOR for example doesn't need a visa .
  6. Maggie wallace

    Sent wrong documents

    Look I have been here in the US for almost two years now . I have.noticed a very weired thing . That if you use the phone and ask about something or want to get something done . Nobody seems to care . You have to go to them . Because it happened to me a lot . With the USCIS and 3 universities and the DMV . Nobody would look up information for you . I have to go myself and ask to talk to a supervisor or manager . The employee instantly will start to work . So I would go to the social security office and the USCIS if it's not far away from you . Because of both of their files got.mixed together either one of them can cause the other one a problem.
  7. Maggie wallace

    K1 Fiance Visa Same-sex Egypt

    For same sex K1 . They understand that some countries have strict laws and traditions about it . I know 4 same sex couples who got their visas from Egypt and got their paper stamped but asked the consular officer or wrote in the papers to type the American fiancee's initials instead of the whole name . eg; John will be J . Or Michael will be M And if they you at the military or the airport about your fiancee's name you can tell them her name is Jennifer or Mary . Hope this answered your questions . Good luck
  8. You are in kansas city Missouri like.me .
  9. Maggie wallace

    Scheduling Marriage Affidavit Appt

    Yes he needs passport to.marry a foreigner . The marriage will be in the dep. Of justice 'wezaret ElAdl' . Before his marriage he will have to get a marriage permit from the US embassy. So yes he has to have a passport and it's pretty easy . The passport is usually issued in Egypt within 4 days . But he needs to go to the passport issuing office in the police station from where he got his ID issued in the first place . Good luck
  10. The employee in the social security office doesn't know anything and always lazy to find out or look up.information . I had an issue similar to this at the social security office. I ended it by asking the employee about her name and to write to me what I need to do . She asked why . I told her because I am going to. Call the state's social security office and tell them you told me that to prove to them that you told me that .she instantly changed her position and started looking up information on line and made a phone call to make sure that what I said and what she read is right . Then I got it done and she gave me a recepit . And I she wAsn't happy because I made her work.
  11. Maggie wallace

    Marriage Certificate

    Instead of posting your information to poeple you don't know or even ask poeple you know and might give you wrong information . The best place that it's translation is authorized by IRS in America and all the embassies is Fouad Nema . It's really expensive but great service and accurate translation . And also you can have it translated for a lot cheaper price and still accurate translation and accredited by the American embassy is the department of justice or wezaret el3adl . But the service is bad . It's a government service but not expensive at all .
  12. Maggie wallace

    DMV Friends!

    I wish I was closer . I thought Washington DC would be more accepting to other cultures . I live in Missouri and oh My God . I feel poeple in Missouri still live in the 17th century . Not only do they not accept people from different cultures but they consider poeple living in blue states as snow flakes . They call them yankees . And call African Americans N word . My husband is government employee who is located here and we are looking for a chance to get the hell out of here .
  13. I think if you are a US citizen your child is a US citizen . Go to the US citizens service in the embassy and ask to issue her a passport and see what they are going to say .
  14. You don't have to put his name on the lease now . It's very common that no landlord will rent a place to someone they don't know and doesn't have SSN. So rent it in your name . Only in your name . Then when your fiancee moved to the US and gets his SSN then you add him to your lease . That's what me and my husband did Landlords don't know any police record or why he isn't working . Land lords deal with papers and poeple . They don't know him and all what he has from the US a k1 visa . Nobody is going to rent an appartment with a visa photocopy . So you will be here the primary tennant . Don't even mention him when you go to rent . Then when he gets to the USA you add him . Nobody will tell you can't have your fiancee with you. Good luck.
  15. Thanks for your answer and for telling me about the transit visa . I am going to apply for it now . Thanks