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  1. Hello I changed my adress from Missouri to Mennesota last month . I filed my AR11 and got an email that I sucessfully posted the adress change . Then what ? Does my USCIS office automatically change or do I need to do something else ?
  2. The misdmeanour charge is driving recklessly class B which is up to 6 months in jail . I am scheduled for hearing in November.
  3. Thank you very much Jeanne for answering , thanks for pointing at this because I couldn't explain it to the police officer . But now I have been charged with misdmeanour . Will this misaffect my citizenship application ? Will this be a bar between me and my naturalization . ?
  4. Last week I got of work at 9 p.m at night . I drove then don't remember what happened till my head hit the ground badly and got excited that I got awaken found myself in the police car . I remembered it could be hypoglycemia because I am aggressive type 1 diabetic. I lost blood sugar and went on symptoms like blackout don't remember anything . So, it seemed like somebody phoned the police because I was driving carelessly . Not doing it on purpose of course. When the police came . They wanted to stop me I couldn't respond. So , they broke the window to get me out . They thought I am under effect of drugs or alcohol . They put clutches in my hand . They phoned the ambulance . In the ambulance they tested my blood sugar which was too low . My blood test was proven negative for drugs and alcohol .They took the clutches off my hand and released me but scheduled a court hearing for me on November. Will this affect my naturalization in anyway ? I didn't mean to cause danger . Fortunately no one was hurt . But the police officer told me you should have pulled over once u felt dizzy . It's something he doesn't understand that diabetic not always feel they r getting low . It can just happen to pass out . So will this misaffect my application?
  5. Go to any internet coffee or computer center of you don't know where to find one go to any public university district , there will be many printing and photocopying shops . Some of those shops have internet with computer. They will help you print it .
  6. It depends on whether you paid insurance on it or not . When I mail something I usually pay to have it insured for the value of items in the envelope. This way they keep it safe
  7. I travelled to Egypt last summer to Egypt with the stamp. I didn't have my physical card .but you will need to check the transit location . Because some countries wouldn't just let him pass with the stamp . He might will have to apply for transit visa to the country where he is going to be on layover
  8. I looked and it says the current passport and any expired passports . Could you please shared a link for these requirements. Maybe I looked at the wrong website , i have been busy with this for a week now . I am going nuts .
  9. I hope it will work this way , I am with Kansas city immigration office . It's a very tough office .
  10. I live in Missouri so Chicago doesn't help residents of Missouri . I am with Houston . There is 14 hours between me and Houston.
  11. First of all Thanks for replying . Yes, I read those procedures .But from everybody's review and complaints . Many poeple said they followed those procedures and for over a year they never heared back from the embassy . I don't know what to do.
  12. Hello everybody . I lost my passport and filed a police report . I want to have new one issued but unable to because my damned embassy doesn't answer phones , emails and they don't care to keep in touch with it's citizens. So now what . I can't apply for citizenship at all without the passport ?I have my green card. Do I need to hire a lawyer to help in this matter ?or just a green card with the police report is enough and a photocopy of my passport is enough ? Has anybody gone through this before ? Sorry for the long post but I just don't know what to do .
  13. I used a lawyer in Missouri because this is where I live his name is Michael Sharma Crawford . But I see you are in Tenesee . And usually it's recommended to use a lawyer in the same state your wife lives for easier communication. Good luck
  14. Hi Ayman . Yes lawyers prompt them to get the job done . Don't listen to this that lawyers can't do anything for administrative processing . At least he will find out what is the reason for delay . What the lawyers can't help with big red flags . Like big age difference between you and your wife that she isn't within child bearing age because they know that children are very important for middle eastern men . If they found out that you are married . If they found out that you lied in your application or presented fake papers . Yes those are stuff a lawyer can't help with . But other than that lawyers in the US in general help a.lot and helped in immigration cases
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