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  1. Thanks, your reply helped me . Because I thought there is something wrong with my papers or they lost them .now I feel this is what they do now . Thank you very much .
  2. I don't know what to do and I signed it . Then 10 days later I received I-797 notice of action with a receipt number . It has been almost two months now whenever I type my receipt number , it says Invalid receipt number . I phoned the 1800 at least 15 times . I even got a lawyer to contact them . All what they say we don't have an N 400 in your name at all . They got an immigration officer to call me three times . They all told me to email Lockbox.gov . I did 3 times with scanned copy of my I-797 and the signature of the employees from FedEx and titled them #attention supervisor . They didn't even answer me .
  3. The soft were is so confusing and any simple mistake can be interpreted as a lie. The best way to have a peace of mind is for your mother to go to the bazaars across the street from the embassy . She just gives them her passport and she sits next to them and they handle the form for her and they know how to fix it . I remember when I was trying to print my Aramex paper it wasn't fun at all . I went to the embassy for my interview they told me this isn't the paper as they want it and told me to go to one of the stores across the street . I went it didn't take them 2 minutes to print it with the bar code the embassy wants. When I was there I saw people sitting there with the store employees filling all kinds of visa application for them .
  4. I would call them . Call them or better email them so you would have a proof that you notified them about the issue . So it wouldn't be rejected it as you don't know what type of officer is getting hold of your papers .
  5. Hi , you don't have to marry him prior to his arrival to the US . You can only file for k1 then when it's approved you get married in the US within 90 days of his arrival. This is why they made a k1 visa , because they know some marriages wouldn't be legal in certain countries , like a Muslim woman to a non Muslim man or same sex marriage . So, you have enough evidence but I wouldn't tell them at the embassy that your fiancee's Are aware of your relation . Be careful not to say something untrue or you can't prove to the embassy because if you read many stories here talked about the embassy making phone calls or even visits to beneficiaries family . They know very well that in the middle East same sex relation isn't accepted , so they understand that it is not uncommon for young people whether boy or girl to tell their parent's about same sex relation . The other thing what they do in Egypt and MENA countries is that they wouldn't type your name on his visa . They would only type your initials upon his request to avoid Harrasment by the airport officials.
  6. Send it to fiancee to avoid delay in case the consular asked for it . But remind him to not volunteer answers or documents to the officer unless he is asked to . If the officer seems suspicious make your fiancee ask him first if he would like to see certain the evidence . But from my experience take as much evidence with you to be ready and avoid delay .
  7. Hello I changed my adress from Missouri to Mennesota last month . I filed my AR11 and got an email that I sucessfully posted the adress change . Then what ? Does my USCIS office automatically change or do I need to do something else ?
  8. The misdmeanour charge is driving recklessly class B which is up to 6 months in jail . I am scheduled for hearing in November.
  9. Thank you very much Jeanne for answering , thanks for pointing at this because I couldn't explain it to the police officer . But now I have been charged with misdmeanour . Will this misaffect my citizenship application ? Will this be a bar between me and my naturalization . ?
  10. Last week I got of work at 9 p.m at night . I drove then don't remember what happened till my head hit the ground badly and got excited that I got awaken found myself in the police car . I remembered it could be hypoglycemia because I am aggressive type 1 diabetic. I lost blood sugar and went on symptoms like blackout don't remember anything . So, it seemed like somebody phoned the police because I was driving carelessly . Not doing it on purpose of course. When the police came . They wanted to stop me I couldn't respond. So , they broke the window to get me out . They thought I am under effect of drugs or alcohol . They put clutches in my hand . They phoned the ambulance . In the ambulance they tested my blood sugar which was too low . My blood test was proven negative for drugs and alcohol .They took the clutches off my hand and released me but scheduled a court hearing for me on November. Will this affect my naturalization in anyway ? I didn't mean to cause danger . Fortunately no one was hurt . But the police officer told me you should have pulled over once u felt dizzy . It's something he doesn't understand that diabetic not always feel they r getting low . It can just happen to pass out . So will this misaffect my application?
  11. Go to any internet coffee or computer center of you don't know where to find one go to any public university district , there will be many printing and photocopying shops . Some of those shops have internet with computer. They will help you print it .
  12. It depends on whether you paid insurance on it or not . When I mail something I usually pay to have it insured for the value of items in the envelope. This way they keep it safe
  13. I travelled to Egypt last summer to Egypt with the stamp. I didn't have my physical card .but you will need to check the transit location . Because some countries wouldn't just let him pass with the stamp . He might will have to apply for transit visa to the country where he is going to be on layover
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