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  1. amaria29

    Time it takes to issue visa after CEAC says Issued

    Just got the notification it’s ready! We are going tomorrow to pick it up!! Yay!! We aré coming to the states in a couple of days! lol finally!!
  2. amaria29

    Time it takes to issue visa after CEAC says Issued

    We just got approved yesterday morning and we picked Santo Domingo Galería 360, really hope we get it by Wednesday so far no update.
  3. amaria29

    Medical exam?

    I’ve heard people on here talk about packet 3, I believe that’s for another type of visa like K1.
  4. amaria29

    Medical exam?

    That's weird. My husband did his biometrics last week and they didn't tell him anything about that. He is also doing his medical this coming week, called the consulate approved office and they just want to see his passport, interview letter, and DS 260 confirmation. Maybe he is grouping those items as a packet?
  5. amaria29

    Cell phone

    I believe I read there are possible security boxes outside of the embassy? When's her interview? I'll know for sure when we go to ours.
  6. I know everyones case is different, wondering how long it took to get your visa once you were approved in Santo Domingo? I read some people got theirs same day, next day or had to wait severals days. Just curious to know, any input for SDO would help!
  7. amaria29

    Next Process Advice

    How I understand it is there is a general fee for adults that includes the physical poriton, + any vaccines they need, +during flu season they will have to get a flu shot. So for my husband we are looking at $285 + $158 for vaccines based on his age & flu season =$443. He is going to call and confirm. Link below is a chart based off of age and vaccines required. https://www.cdc.gov/immigrantrefugeehealth/exams/ti/civil/vaccination-civil-technical-instructions.html
  8. You can schedule it now.
  9. amaria29

    Interview Scheduled

    Thank you, it will be fine! You too!
  10. 11/19/18 Interview in DR! Yay, praying we all hear amazing results!
  11. amaria29

    Interview Scheduled

    My sister is high risk and can't attend hers either. Prayers for your family!
  12. amaria29

    Interview Scheduled

    I wasnt Going to attend, however now I am. Yes they allow it.