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  1. Oh that's good to know! I'm so glad I asked since they said that no one else is allowed in in the oath letter. Thanks so much!
  2. How did your oath ceremony go? Mine is tomorrow and I'm still unsure if I should be bringing my spouse or not.
  3. My interview was on March 29th. It was very straightforward. Other than the civics test, the interviewer basically asked some of the questions from the N400 form, so just make sure you remember what you answered. Took about 15-20 minutes.
  4. Thank you! Yeah I’ll just go on my own and have a celebration with loved ones later.
  5. I had my N400 interview at the Fairfax office a few days ago and I just got a notice saying that my oath ceremony is scheduled at the same office in a couple weeks. Does anyone know if they're allowing any family members/friends to attend the ceremony or is that still not allowed?
  6. Just got my interview notice for March 29th. My notice date is November 12th 2021. Pretty surprised it only took about 4 months. I received my 10-year green card last year after my I-751 was approved. Two questions: 1. I'm applying on the basis of marriage, but my spouse DOES NOT have to accompany me to the interview, correct? 2. Do I have to print out all the evidence of the bona-fide marriage (leases, bank statements, etc) to bring with me to the interview since I've uploaded copies of these to my online application? Thank you!
  7. My green card was approved in October 2021 and I already have it in hand. However today I received the following notice from USCIS: Application Type: I751, PETITION TO REMOVE CONDITIONS ON RESIDENCE Your Case Status: Initial Review On January 20, 2022, we transferred your Form I751, PETITION TO REMOVE CONDITIONS ON RESIDENCE, Receipt Number YSC209011xxxx, to another office for processing and sent you a transfer notice. The notice explains why we transferred your case. This is the case history on myUSCIS: I'm guessing this is a mistake? Is there something I should be worried about? Thank you!
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