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  1. My green card was approved in October 2021 and I already have it in hand. However today I received the following notice from USCIS: Application Type: I751, PETITION TO REMOVE CONDITIONS ON RESIDENCE Your Case Status: Initial Review On January 20, 2022, we transferred your Form I751, PETITION TO REMOVE CONDITIONS ON RESIDENCE, Receipt Number YSC209011xxxx, to another office for processing and sent you a transfer notice. The notice explains why we transferred your case. This is the case history on myUSCIS: I'm guessing this is a mistake? Is there something I should be worried about? Thank you!
  2. I paid with credit card. I didn’t file any other form than the N400
  3. Hi all. How extensive does the evidence for marital union when applying under the 3-year rule need to be? I already got my ROC (i-751) approved and I remember sending so many documents they were a few inches thick. Does the N400 need to have the same extensive evidence?
  4. Hi all. I just received my 10-year green card when my i-751 ROC was approved a week ago. It's been over 3 years since I first got the conditional green card from marrying a US citizen. I'm thinking of applying for citizenship using the 3-year rule for USC spouses. However, my spouse and I are thinking of separating soon, i.e. we will be living separately. If I apply for the N400 while we are still living together, and if we do not get divorced (on paper) until after my N400 is approved, would this be an issue? I saw the following paragraph on the USCIS website that made me think this is ok: B. Living in Marital Union for Spouses Residing in the United States The spouse of a U.S. citizen residing in the United States must have been living in marital union with his or her citizen spouse for at least 3 years immediately preceding the time of filing the naturalization application. This provision requires that the spouse live in marital union with the citizen spouse during the entire period of 3 years before filing.[4] However, the statute does not require living in marital union for the period between the date of filing the application and the date of naturalization (date applicant takes the Oath of Allegiance). The corresponding regulation conflicts with the statute in stating that the spouse must have been living in marital union with his or her citizen spouse for at least 3 years at the time of the examination on the application, and not at the time of filing. USCIS follows the language of the statute in requiring living in marital union only up until the time of filing.[5] Accordingly, only the existence of a legally valid marriage is required from the date of filing the application until the time of the applicant’s naturalization.[6]
  5. Yes, I was just about to call them when I received the notification. Super relieved about that. Good luck with yours!
  6. Just got a notification that 'new card is being produced'! NoA date February 12 2020. Biometrics applied 5/13/2020. No RFE, no interview. Good luck everyone!
  7. Congratulations! Glad to see movements at YSC, although they really need to speed up.
  8. My 18-month extension expires in less than a month, so I can call USCIS to get the stamp, correct? My NOA date is February 2020, and I know Jan/Feb 2020 people are getting approved now, but in case I don't, I wanted to be safe since I might need it for a new employment soon.
  9. Congratulations! My notice date is Feb 2021 too! Crossing my fingers so hard right now 🤞🏼
  10. Has anyone received the 24-month i-797 notice letter from YSC? Are they being sent out?
  11. Thanks for letting us know. I'm due to get a stamp in a couple weeks myself. Hoping they'd approve the i-751 before then, but knowing USCIS, pretty unlikely.
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