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  1. Ok, maybe 1week or 2 weeks they reply you and you can do another step as medical check or collect all evidence for interviews.
  2. For me they scheduled me interviews date after I submitted confirmation page 3 business day.when did you submitted Ds160? Please wait email back
  3. @Naes I saw your interviews date change from up month to less month ( I mean from July to June and to May ) how do you do if appointment date come from packet3 email not we can schedule it. I want interviews day nearly as soon as possible ( I want June) all documents preparation for interviews is ready. Thank
  4. I feel happy with you. Hope I will get well too
  5. Wish you approved today @Naes and tell your interviews experience too
  6. I am beneficiary and I sent confirmation barcode to immigrate and I want to know how many day they will give me appointment date. Otherwise my petition will complete affidavit when he come enjoy interviews with me. @MCLthank
  7. Hi! I already sent my confirmation page (DS-160) on 18 may to packet3.state in Cambodia for scheduled appointment. My question is How many day they will reply me appointment date? Thanks
  8. Thank for quick reply
  9. Hi everyone! I want to ask all of you that do we need single status certificates in interviews or not? Thank
  10. Hi! Do you know how many day change from transit to ready? Or after we do ds-160? Thank for your kindness
  11. You can call them and ask
  12. You can check this website https://ceac.state.gov/ceacstattracker/status.aspx