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  1. I'm a K1 filer and I have a couple questions regarding the I-485...so item 22a where it asks "when I last arrived in the United States, I:" should I select "was inspected at port of entry and admitted as K1 fiance? Also, we are married now so for item 24 would that change current immigration status? Or would I still put K1 Fiance?
  2. Is the 7 day time frame the same for K1? My fiance interviews on December 14 and we are trying to get him here for Christmas...
  3. jess18

    December interviews

    Our interview is Friday, December 14
  4. jess18

    Waiting for consulate

    Awesome thank you!
  5. jess18

    Waiting for consulate

    Also this is for K1
  6. So my case was sent from the NVC to the Sydney consulate on October 30th and I still haven't heard anything from the consulate....how long should it take for them to acknowledge they have received it? Also, I have seen some people on here (also from Australia) who said that they went ahead and scheduled the medical and got the police background check going before having an interview date. Has this worked out well for people? Should we start doing this now? Thanks in advance!
  7. Yeah I found that Embassy letter too but I was worried it might be outdated since it hasn't been updated since 2015 and the cover sheet which is also on their website states that he needs an Australian birth certificate and an Australian Citizenship Certificate...
  8. We recently got our NOA 2 (9/24; NOA 1 4/2/18) and I was working on the next steps. On the Sydney consulate's website it states on the cover sheet that my fiance needs to present an Australian Citizenship Certificate. I tried calling and got nowhere as we don't have a case number yet but I just want to know if any other Australian filers had to obtain this when you have a valid Australian birth certificate and both of the parents were Australian citizens. Also, I am gathering the supporting documents for the I-134 (the letter from my employer and bank) and I was wondering how long those are valid for? So if I get the letters dated here in October will they still be valid if he doesn't interview until December or January?