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    My wife is a USC and i am an australian citizen. we got married in Arkansas in Jan 2018 with me entering and leaving the US on an ESTA. we currently both reside in Australia with her on a Student visa. we have decided to apply for a CR1 visa for myself and are just started the intitial petition process.

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  1. I am an Australian citizen and My wife is a US citizen and her visa to stay in Australia expires at the end of may 2019. Her little sister is getting married on the 19th may 2019 in the US. We booked flights to move back to the US together for the 10th may 2019. We hoped to have a visa for me to move to the US by now but we don’t. I am 13 months into the process of a CR1 visa. My case is currently with NVC and I have uploaded everything via CEAC. haven't got Case Completed yet. I have been to the US twice before on the VWP and I still have a current ESTA until November this year. I plan to go to my sister in law’s wedding in the US, I hope to enter the US on my ESTA and return to Australia for my interview once it is scheduled. I plan to book flights this week to show my trip to the US is only temporary and won’t exceed the 90 days. However I don’t have a date for an interview and hope this week to book a changeable flight or a flight I can cancel and re-book once in the US. I will be bringing with me the wedding invite, proof of onward travel out of the US back to Aus, a letter from my Australian employer that I will be returning to work here, a letter from my landlord saying I’ll be returning to my residence here and paying rent. Does anyone see any problems with what I’m wanting to do, or have any advice on how to do it better? Does it sound like i have sufficient documentation for them to hopefully accept me into the states(two letters, wedding invite and flights home to AUS)? (Really don’t want to be refused entry to the US and get sent back to Australia, guessing it wouldn't look good for my visa application.)
  2. @Sonone we have since received the official NOA2 letter in the mail at my wifes home US address.
  3. Just discovered my case status changed to Approved on Jan 8th. only found this out through a my USCIS account(https://my.uscis.gov/ free to sign up for and track your case number). the 'check case status' on USCIS homepage still only gives me the date my case was received. Nebraska Service center I-130 Sent : 2018-04-09 I-130 NOA1 : 2018-04-20 I-130 Approved : 2019-01-08 hang in there everyone else, you'll get yours soon
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