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  1. I got the same update one hour ago. I hear you, @corvusheart! I hope the approvals will happen very soon 😎
  2. In another words, they didn't say anything, as always the IO during my last InfoPass told me my case was moved from one floor to another in CSC. It was soooo disappointing! I hope we all get approvals very soon.
  3. That would be wonderful. I wish we got our ROC adjudicated. It would save us another 2 hour trip to local office and none of us would miss work!
  4. This is what mine says (the previous update was in February and was the other “transfer to your local office”).
  5. I got the same update. They uodated around 5:30AM. It’s 6:15AM here (I am in Missouri).
  6. @shell20 it can be really confusing, yes!!! I had my N-400 biometrics done March 12. My 3rd GC anniversary is in May 12. My timeline for the N-400 says 10 months. I remember before I had my biometrics done said 6 months, then went up and down 7 months, 8, 9... I am avoiding going to the website to check my case because it causes me anxiety!
  7. You are more than welcome! I always thought filling the N-400 would speed the process. As we all can see, that is not the case, at least, at this time. I still have to stamp my passport. I will have to travel very soon. It will be my first time traveling just with the stamp. I had an InfoPass in March 12, same day I had my N-400 biometrics done. I was trying to get my passport stamped but was too early for that, so the IO refused to do so. I got the same updates other fillers had (the majority). That my case was transferred to a local office. I asked the IO about this and she told me my case was transferred from one floor to another in CSC. She also said I will have a combo interview for sure and when I go back to stamp my passport she will keep my GC. It was disappointing because I will lose my expired GC and probably will never see “the color” of the new one lol... Anyway, I still have some hope that the card comes in the mail before I travel back.
  8. Congratulations!!! Did you apply for N-400 the 90 before your 3rd LPR anniversary? Your approval gives me hope
  9. Thank you so much, @corvusheart I will have to travel overseas soon but my husband can’t go with me. Now I am concerned if USCIS sends something important and he can’t take care of it while I am away.
  10. I hope this insane wait will end for all of us soon 💖
  11. Now I have a question: what happens if I am overseas and they send my GC? Can my hubby sign with the USPS for me?
  12. @shell20 you are so right, my dear. I wonder why CSC has this huge backlog compared to Vermont. It’s so frustrating. The IO told me I wouldn’t be seeing my 10 year GC. I still have hope though... Thank you for sharing your thoughts! It’s always a delight for me to read what you think
  13. Totally agree with you, Shell. My question is: what they are hiding? ...
  14. I agree with everything you just said, Shell. This is the way I think. But I wasn't sure if would be worthy or not (to send the inquiry). Like everybody else here, I am exhausted of this BS
  15. Shell, do you think I should submit the inquiry? I totally agree with what you say. All I can think is: shame on you CSC