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  1. Hi All, Today we had our appointment @ 6:45 AM. We didn't get called back up 7:15. Our IO was really nice and laughing with us. When he sat us down he said I could answer the questions and if she didn't understand I could help translate so she could. He asked us about our address, her birth date and went straight into asking her the 10 security questions from the i485, after that he wanted to see any extra evidence I had which he skimmed through. He shuffled through the i485 again and clicked some buttons and the computer and 45 mins later he said we were approved . He was really impressed with my evidence. What stood out to him was the fact she had a drivers licence with my address on it and she was on my bank and credit card account. According to him those items are rare for k1 to AOS interviews. Chok dee to everyone.
  2. In California you can apply for an AB60 drivers license before you AOS if your i94 has expired.You only need to provide A passport and proof of residency e.g. electric bill. If your i94 hasn't expired you can get a real I.D. driver's license with proof of residency, passport and SS card. You can apply for a SS card while you i94 is valid and before you marry if you like.
  3. So he wants expedited EAD so he can work and send money back ? Or did you mean AP so he can go back and help take care of the family ?
  4. So I check my case today for the first time and it says on the case tracker that they are ready to schedule an interview as for July 9th. But I have yet to receive anything in the mail. Can anyone enlighten me on the time frame from when they are ready to schedule to when they actually schedule the interview is ?
  5. My original EAD and AP was August, it's been increasing by one month every two weeks.
  6. I'm getting emails for the AP and EAD, when I first filed the estimated date was August/Sept, now it's late November. 😓. Big jumps in time there, quickly .
  7. True. I would say our situation falls more in the expedited request for severe financial loss and humanitarian reasons, but the supervisor hinted that she would deny that request also unless we had a doctor's note specifically asking for my wife to go. Seems like a high bar at this office, especially when I here other people getting AP due to wedding plans. C'est la vie
  8. Hmm the guy at the USCIS OFFICE made it sound like the NBC was holding on to the i485 until the EAD and AP were adjudicated. If they are separate why does the NBC still have the i485 and have not sent it to the Field office ?
  9. I didn't bother going there and telling them there was an emergency. The USCIS website for that office even says of you have an emergency to call the 800 number. It's a moot point now anyways. They denied our request.
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