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  1. John951

    Thailand Packet 3 instructions - documents to submit

    Yes, when it says "ready" your fiance will get the packet 3 letter a week or so later, so ready means it was delivered and processed by the embassy. So send in your packet 3 that you have ready to go then to shave a week of waiting. After the embassy receives your packet 3 they will email your fiance her appointment date and time and give her instructions for packet 4 and medical examination. Also they will not schedule your appointment until you have paid the ds-160 fee Check : https://ceac.state.gov/ceacstattracker/status.aspx for your NVC case status Thanks ! it was actually yesterday, as you know they are a day ahead.
  2. John951

    Thailand Packet 3 instructions - documents to submit

    I would suggest you get the police report now if you haven't. It takes about 2 weeks for delivery and is already translated to English
  3. I'm guessing you were approved? Congrats !
  4. When asking immigrant visa specific question you need to email VISABKKIV@STATE.GOV In the subject line write " IV inquiry ( your embassy case number)" Then in the main text ask whatever it is you need. Chok dee
  5. You shouldn't make plans until you have the Visa in hand, plus the government shut down could cause additional delays if any air traffic controllers start leaving their jobs looking for something else that pays or custom agents doing the same or just calling in sick.
  6. Our situation too about 5 working days. Our P3 was delivered on a Friday, I emailed them Thursday the week after to ask what was going on and the next day we got an email with the interview date. Sadly our interview date was 4 weeks out. I wonder if it had anything to do with the cover page for P3 where they want to know your date of travel, I put down January since I was figuring she would have her interview within a week and wait two weeks for the passport to get back. I wonder if I had put December if I would have gotten a faster interview date.
  7. @Lucrezia_ITALYHas* her interview on Jan 17th
  8. @Lucrezia_ITALYLet me know what happens at the embassy, my girl had her k1 interview on the 17th
  9. John951

    Thailand medical turnaround

    So my girls exam was on Friday afternoon and was told to come back Monday afternoon to receive here packet.
  10. John951

    Getting Police Certificate in Thailand

    She got her certificate which came translated in English on the 5th of December
  11. I did, " Please be informed that currently the immigrant visa unit is operating as usual".
  12. Sweet, so I shouldn't see any delay in my girls interview
  13. John951

    Getting Police Certificate in Thailand

    Damn, that sucks