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  1. Greetings everyone. For IR-1 immigrant visa applicants who will interview at the USA embassy in Amman, Jordan, should we send AOS and civil documents to NVC by E-mail or by ground mail? I appreciate it if someone from Jordan who already dealt with the NVC can shed light on this from their experience. I am asking because I received contradictory information from the NVC. A couple of weeks ago, we emailed the NVC asling about whether we should mail or email the AOS and civil documents to them. They responded that "Your assigned embassy or consulate does not participate in the NVC's electronic processing program. Therefore, you cannot submit forms or documents by email. Instead, you should send your documents to us by mail to this address...etc". However, after completing the form DS-260 online, I checked the status of my application. The guidelines indicate that I should scan and send the documents by E-mail as one PDF file. Also, NVC's website guidelines indicates that case numbers starting with AMM are required to submit by email. Your help is appreciated as we are trying to avoid unnecessary delays by filing using the wrong method.
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