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  1. Tylosand

    Scandinavians Part 2

    Aha, I think I'm slowly starting to understand this. So there's really no way for Dr. Einar to rectify his mistake. But I take it I would only have to get the part of the I-693 that concerns vaccinations (part 9)? And since I already have the necessary vaccinations, all I would be asking the doctor to do here is really to copy the information from my DS-3025 + put a check mark on the appropriate option in the "results" section. I hope that is not too expensive if it comes to it... And just to double check, I won't be needing the I-693 until the interview (if at all), is that right?
  2. Tylosand

    Scandinavians Part 2

    Is it not a fairly common situation that people take any vaccines they might be missing and complete their DS-3025 once they are stateside? i.e., the DS-3025 that USCIS receives at first from the PoE package will be different from the one that is later used for AoS. Hopefully the new certificate that Dr. Einar sends looks legit enough that they'll accept it :p By the way, is it necessary to include the DS-3025 in the AoS application or is it enough to bring it to the interview? Thinking if I will have to wait for it before filing or not, I have almost all the other documents ready.
  3. Tylosand

    Scandinavians Part 2

    Could you expand on that a little? I was thinking that I just simply include this updated DS-3025 in my AoS application (since the medical exam package that I handed over at POE had the vaccination form without the check mark in part 2) and I should be all set when it comes to the medical stuff. But you are saying I need to distribute the new form to the American embassy in Stockholm?
  4. Tylosand

    Scandinavians Part 2

    I checked with Dr. Einar, and he confirmed just now that a check in part 2 is indeed necessary and it was just a case of him forgetting to mark it. He's gonna send a fixed version to me so it's all good. Just though I'd post the update in case anyone else ends up with a vaccination record with the same mistake
  5. Tylosand

    Scandinavians Part 2

    Ok, so the lack of dates are probably nothing to worry about then, that's reassuring to hear Yeah they probably changed that section, though, from how you describe it, it sounds like the general idea of the part has stayed roughly the same, i.e. it summarises whether or not you met the vaccination requirements. But possibly, there is something in the wording that makes putting a check there incorrect - e.g., the top left one, which contains the term "immigrant visa" which I guess is not how a K1 is categorised normally, and the bottom one saying "K Visa applicant voluntarily completed vaccination requirements" might not apply for a K1 medical done abroad either for some reason - although it sounds spot on 😛 Einar certainly seemed to know what he was doing in general, so I hope he didn't just simply miss something here.
  6. Tylosand

    Scandinavians Part 2

    Hej gott folk! My wife and I are in the process of gathering everything needed for AoS. I have a question about the DS-3025 form. The doctor (went to Einar in Gothenburg) put a check mark on all the necessary vaccines - no dates though. He said that since the vaccine dates were unknown to both of us for the most part, and he didn't want to make them up, he'd just put check marks in. He sounded confident that it would pose no problem, so I went with it. One thing I just noticed though, is that he didn't fill anything in in part 2, so it looks like the picture below (minus the red marking). I might well be misunderstanding some of the wording for the options, and maybe this is the way it should be, but I feel like ideally he would have checked one of the two left-most boxes which confirms everything is in order - although that much can of course be gathered by just tallying the checks in part 1. Did anyone here get a similar DS-3025? Did you try to send it in for AoS or did you take it to a doctor to fix it? I also wanna double check so that I've understood it correctly - if the DS-3025 can be deemed to be OK even without the check in part 2, does that mean that I don't have to include anything relating to my medical in the AoS application, since USCIS will already have all the documents from POE?
  7. Tylosand

    Scandinavians Part 2

    Hej everyone! Glad to join the group of knowledgeable Swedish/American couples discussing the K1 visa process We got our petition approved on the 14th of September, and we are now starting to figure out what to do next. I've got a few questions about the various steps and forms that we are gonna deal with in the near future: We have a co-sponsor, the petitioner's mom. She makes several times the minimum requirement. Is it enough to state the income and leave the assets/property fields blank? How many years of the sponsor's tax returns do we need? Will we need proof of the sponsor's citizenship? If yes, will a copy of the birth certificate and/or passport bio page be enough, or are originals required? Should I (the beneficiary) wait until I receive packet 3 to schedule my medical? Or should I do it when I've got our case number from the NVC (we're gonna start calling next week)? We live together in Sweden and have done so for 2 years. We don't have both our names on the apartment contract, but could a "folkbokföringsutdrag" for each of us, showing that we are registered on the same address, be used as proof of that we live together? Should I bring a copy of our approved I-129f? Or is that redundant? Is it a bad idea to book the interview before I actually have all the required documents? I'm waiting to receive a police certificate from Taiwan where I lived for a year. But, I'm not sure I will have it when I can book an interview appointment. I might get it in the time between the booking and the interview, or shortly after. But I've also read that someone could not get ahold of police certificates from Timor Leste and that was OK. So I was thinking maybe I can get approved directly or I will have to send it in later. Would you chance it and book an interview slot, or wait for the certificate to arrive? Grateful for any input!
  8. Wohoo!! NOA1 on old website: March 2nd NOA1 on new website: March 1st (the difference in dates does not seem to correlate well with other cases - looks like the date for NOA1s on the new website is most often a few days later than on the old one. Dunno why it's not like that for us). NOA2 on old website: September 14th On the new website the status is not updated. I was really quite worried that we'd get an RFE so it feels great to see a direct approval! Hope everyone else who is waiting with similar NOA1s will get their approval soon!
  9. Does anyone know if there is a way to contact USCIS online about issues other than those listed in their online contact portal? The category that comes closest to our situation there is "Did not receive notice by mail", only we DID receive the notice, and instead there is a problem with the displayed case status, still stuck on that they got the notice returned the first time they tried sending it out. Is there an email address for other categories of issues I could write to? Would be nice if I could compose an email with pictures of how the case status looks on our end and a picture of the received notice. It feels like that would just be a lot more clear than trying to explain this over the phone, which we have tried twice already. If I'd then get an email back stating that they know that we have the notice and they have just not bothered with updating the case status, I'd feel a lot more reassured.
  10. Tylosand

    Tinder K1 Interview

    Could it be RFE-worthy if I did disclose that we met "through a dating app", but did not specify that it was Tinder? Everything depends on how you define things, and perhaps it would be strange to consider "a dating app/service" to also possibly include IMBs, but maybe it would still have been good to mention Tinder since it is so well known. Although, as has been pointed out here before, it does not say in the instructions that you need to prove that you did not meet through an IMB, and obviously I checked "no" for that specific question. I guess we'll just have to wait and see...
  11. Yeah we created an account and checked how it looks there, but it's displaying the same message. The case history just says they received the petition, sent out the notice and then got the notice returned to them. So the confusion remains 😛 I guess the only way to sort it out for sure is to call them again.
  12. Hello! We initially had some problems with mail delivery from the USCIS, because we both live in Sweden and put our Swedish address as the mailing address. We think that when they sent out the I-797C notice, it didn't make it here, and instead was returned to the USCIC. So we got the message displayed in the attached image. We called about it, and changed our mailing address to the petitioner's parent's address. They mailed out the I-797C again, this time to the new address, and it arrived just fine. The issue, though, is that they did not update the message - we are still told they will destroy the petition unless we request the document again. We were actually told by the USCIS when we called them later that the status "won't update" even in the case that we successfully receive the notice. So we are just worried that it's not a "generally known fact" within the USCIS that we actually successfully received mail from them, and that they might proceed to destroy the petition. We are actually supposed to get a NOA2 in just a few weeks, and have not worried about the message because of what we were told over the phone. But recently it started to make us feel uneasy again. Why, for example, would they not display the message that they have tried to send the I-797C out again? They displayed a message of that kind the first time around. Maybe because we "ordered" a new notice over the phone and not through the web service? If it has indeed been looking like we never received the I-797C when a case worker looks at our case, will that lead to a delay of some kind until we notify them that we actually got the I-797C? We tried calling just now but the line was too long for us to get a call-back, so we will try again tomorrow. In the meantime, I thought I could check here if anyone recognizes this issue or has any idea whether this might be a problem. Thanks!
  13. Hello! When filing the I-129f, I misinterpreted the requirement about the police certifications and when you need it, and put it together with our petition. But as I have learned now (through another recent thread I made here about obtaining police records from a country (other than your native country) where you have lived in for more than a year), it is really for the interview that you need to present it. My question is, should I order new police certificates that are more up to date before going to the interview? If the interview takes place around the statistically predicted time, the certificates that I currently have will be around 10 months old. Thanks!
  14. Ah, that's surely it. Thanks for claryfing
  15. Ok, that is good news! So hopefully this does not delay the petition. I should be able to obtain the records before my interview, which should be around 3 months away... I was a bit unsure because I saw many checklists for the K1 application listing the police certificate as necessary. But maybe that was just referring to a certificate from your native country then. Thanks for your replies