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    1.  Hello, on my interview day VO gave me a 221g with domicile written on it to establish domicile.
    2. how many days it take to issue of visa after uploading all of necessary documents.
    3. Which types of documents you have uploaded on CEAC.
  1. Hello I had my cr1 interview on 23 sep 19. CO told me to update my husbands tax return transcript which I did on 25 sep. Now plz can u tell me when I will get to hear from them? When u got response from them in ur case? Ur answer will be very helpful for me

  2. Don't worry. You submitted the right stuff. Try to arrange the other things if possible... Its best to submit every possible thing one can arrange to avoid any refusal which causes further delay.
  3. Hang in there! Patience is the key. This Administrative Processing was driving me crazy.... the feeling of not knowing what will happen is quite disturbing. One fine day, out of nowhere I randomly checked the status and it said "Visa Issued" - Alhumdulillah. It will be the same for you, soon
  4. Since how long you have been in Administrative Processing? My husbands case took 90 days. If they have kept the passport, thats a good sign. The CO took my husbands passport on April 17, 2019 and we got it back on August 1, 2019.
  5. Can you tell me a bit about your background? Your mother is a U.S. citizen and she has sponsored you? If that's the case and you are over 21 years of age, it will happen, just will need a little time. They are asking for your mothers proof of domicile..... Okay so proof of domicile is basically to show that your mother lives in the United States and is paying tax as a local citizen. In order to prove her domicile , she did submit the right documents.... Excluding, the naturalization certificate and passport. That is not really needed. - Voter registration card is good. - Did she file her taxes? Those papers count. - State ID card is good. Driving license doesn't matter if she has an ID. It's the same. - Pictures showing she lives there are good. - Its okay, if she doesn't have a property there. But wherever she is living, can she add her name to the lease? That will show that she has a place to live and her name is on the house / apartment documents? - If she doesn't have a bank account, she should have one. One letter coming in mail saying that XYZ has a bank account.... just scan and upload that bank letter is good enough.If she adds money to the account and makes small transactions that will be good enough. Because the monthly bank statement will show her name, her address and details of her card using. - If she shared her boarding pass, passport stamp, that is also great. - She can go to any public library and get a library card on her name. Its free. That is also a solid proof of being a local citizen. I'm just throwing out easy and doable suggestions which can add as a proof of domicile and may help you in your case. Let me know if you need any further assistance. Best of luck. Cheers!
  6. Hi Kanwal,

    My immigrant visa interview was held on May 28, 2019. They put me in Administrative Processing and issued me 221(g).

    I got an email two days after interview to submit the 'Updated CV' and 'Travel history'. I sent them via SpeedEx in two days.

    It has been 2.5 months and still I have no idea how long will be the wait state. I inquired the Consulate using their web system at CEAC, to see if they received my documents. However, they haven't replied me in two weeks.

    It seems, the process of "AP" is quite frustrating....


  7. @Ishah786 - I accompanied my husband for his interview and I regret that I did. But in our case, we both are in Islamabad together so we just went. The interview is only for him. If you're thinking to come to Pakistan just to be there for his interview.... I would highly advice not too. Rest its up to you. It clearly says on the interview letter that only the Applicant is suppose to go. Just make sure he takes loads and loads of evidences of your marriage, pictures of you both together, group pictures, honeymoon reservations, any proof of you both "living" together... that kinda stuff. I pray this process goes smooth for the both of you Inshallah Best of luck.
  8. Yes they did. Yours will too. But it will take time. They sort our cases priority wise. Your may or may not happen this year..... its always best to be mentally prepared.
  9. @Zeeshan ch - In cases like yours it takes more time. My cousins have done the same & it takes a couple of years. Hope it resolves soon. Inshallah
  10. I wish I knew. Our interview was pretty good. They are various reasons for ones case going in Administrative Processing. I personally dont know the reason my case is in it. Its pretty common though from what I"ve been researching online. The dreadful wait period though.... ugh!
  11. So in this case, I'm assuming he sponsored your mom (as a citizen can sponsor their siblings), and thats how the entire thing is being processed. Since he isnt an immediate relative (spouse, children, parent), thats why its taking its time. I wish you the very best
  12. This is from Islamabad consulate. I was just giving you a general heads up of how much time to roughly expect till the scheduled interview. Best of luck!
  13. Hello Rohit, It took precisely a month to schedule an interview. We received an email on Feb 20, 2019 that our case has been forwarded to the embassy for scheduling an appointment. On March 13, 2019 we got the interview letter via while. That's when we scheduled all our medical work and got it out of our way. It took 3 visits to have the medical examinations taken care of. Our interview was on April 17, 2019. The interview was rather simple, but make sure you take all valid proofs, tax papers, even the tax transcript for that matter... all sorts of evidences that make your case stronger. You never know what they ask for, so be prepared. Best wishes
  14. Check upon your fathers questionnaire? What do you mean... Who's the sponsor in this case? Is it your dad? Hats off to your patience.... its been a year. Best wishes and prayers for you. Hope everything sorts out real soon. Inshallah
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