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  1. I know. Our case updated today 02/20/2019. Still says "Ready" though. My fiance received a green slip saying approved, and no other information was needed. I've seen on different forums that sometimes it can go into Administrative Processing, but ours still says ready and has never changed to AP. Its almost a month after the interview. I am sure yours will be processed faster, because I really do not know what is going on with our case. I am hoping to get an answer soon. Does anyone know if the case updating is a good sign? My fiance and I wanted to get married on April 6th, and I cant plan anything without him here :/ its been a difficult year for me both mentally and emotionally, but I have managed to pull through, finish school, and continue to work. I just wish he were here. I am sure you all understand how stressful the process can be.
  2. Hello, as of today the CEAC website still says ready with a February 19th, 2019 date. Other than that, we still have no information on when the visa will be issued.
  3. Thank you, I really appreciate the information. I will email them and hopefully get a response of what’s going on. Where did you find this email? mexico_contactus+mx+courier+en@visaops.net
  4. The CEAC website says ready. Has not been updated since Jan 31st.
  5. We called NVC. They provided us with the information. A report was filed that day with the representative and forward to the consulate in Juarez. They couldn’t give us a time frame of how long it will take to get information back from the consulate. so not sure what’s going.
  6. Hello, my fiancé was approved for his K1 visa in Ciudad Juárez on 01/29/2019. They said it would take about 10 days for us to get an airway bill # to pick up his passport from DHL. I’ve checked the CEAC website and his case still says ready. It says case created 08/21/2018 and the second it says case updated 01/31/2019. We called yesterday to get an idea of what’s going on & the representative asked my fiancé if he was even approved in the first place cause they have no documentation. We said yes, that he recieved a green slip. Has anyone had this issue? Or if you had your interview around ours, have you received notification of your visa? They said to keep calling back. I’ve been worrying.