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  1. Nope we only received an email saying his packet was ready to get picked up since he waited in Juarez for it. We tried tracking it and no luck at all like NOTHING. he didn't pay his immigration fee over there I'm actually trying to pay it here but I think I have to wait a few more days so if you can pay it over there you should to get it over with and you're welcome, yes 2 days is not bad at all 😁
  3. Help! I'm trying to pay my husbands USCIS immigrant fee but I don't know where to find the numbers I have to put in to pay I tried putting a pic but my phone wouldn't let me, where it asks 'your alien registration number' and it starts with an 'A' then the 'DOS case ID' if it's on the Visa where exactly? I think they were suppose to write it on the paper they gave him but it's not there they just circled the price it'll be and where to log in😌😫
  4. Sorry I just saw your comment but I also saw your husband got approved congratulations to the both of you! How exciting!! My husband got approved last Tuesday and got his passport back on Thursday at about 3pm Juarez time so I'm sure your husbands case will be the same
  5. Yes! Give him positive words so he can go in that appointment confident in himself 😊
  6. Definitely! So many long nights thinking about the possible bad outcomes but it's finally over 😍
  7. My husbands appointment was on the 22 in Juarez and today at about 2 we got the email that his Visa was ready for pick up! He already crossed the border to El Paso, Texas rented a car in the airport and is on his way all the way to Fresno, California (like 15 hour drive) so happy and excited 😊
  8. Thanks and yeah they did, I'm sure they asked him that because they already had on file his fingerprints from that time he got caught in the border trying to cross but got caught and kicked out, probably trying to see if he would lie about it
  9. My husband got approved in Ciudad JuÑrez! What a weight off our backs!!! After 2 years and 6 months we're finally done with this 😊😊😊😊😊 He said they asked him the date of our marriage and asked how many times he had came to the U.S. he said once then they asked if he's ever had an 'intento de entrada' (don't know how to say it in english) and he said yes! Since about a year before he came (10 years ago) he had tried coming but got cought in the process and got kicked out. And the only papers they asked for was our marriage certificate and his birth certificate and that's it!
  10. Tomorrow my husband has his doctor appointment in Juarez and his huellas appointment also, Tuesday at 9:45 am. is the interview in the embassy. For literally anyone who believes in God PLEASE send him your prayers I've been stressing out so bad but hoping and praying this long wait is worth it in the end πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•
  11. I hope someone has some info to give us 😊
  12. Congratulations to everyone getting approved on their interview, I actually want to know if anyone knows people that have not been approved on their interview appointment and why? I'm very curious
  13. Thank you, my husband will definitely be getting it in Juarez if he can't get it in Morelia