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  1. October 2017 also for me... and still waiting!
  2. Thanks! Now it is more clear!
  3. We see it.. It is not that posting it over and over something change..
  4. Hi! I'm in SF too. My NOA is October 17th 2017. I got my EAD in the middle of June and my I485 status changed in ready to schedule interview about 2 weeks ago. No news yet..
  5. Sure that they can.. It is a voluntary termination. It is my choice.
  6. I went to my school today, and I requested them to terminate my I20 and international student status. They started saying that it is dangerous and this things and then they didn't do it!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. I came back from Italy last night with AP. The officer sent me to the secondary inspection because he didn't know how to process AP.... but everything went well. I just had to wait more time!
  8. I cannot work on CPT, practical training is not required for what I'm studying. And... basically I screwed my F1 status using my EAD and my AP!
  9. I'm attending the CCSF of San Francisco, and they don't care about my status.. they want me to pay as an international student, or to terminate my Sevis in order to be a resident.
  10. I'm currently on a F1 too, and I'm outside the USA and I'll use my AP at the end of the month to get back, and I already used my EAD after I got it... I'm planning to attend school, asking for a reduced course load because I'm pregnant.. I'll talk with my counselor when I get back and I'll see what he will tell me..