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  1. Hello All I'm heartbroken and, frankly, at the end of my rope. RFE request was submitted to Nebraska on June 11, 2019. 172 days and NO response. Our Congressman Jimmy Gomez has inquired every 30-60 days, and today I sent an email to Kamal Harris to advocate for us as well. CEAC site changed on August 22nd from refused to Administrative Processing. From what our lawyer says, it really means nothing.
  2. We had our interview on February 2, 2018. My husband was found inadmissible for past crimes (40 years ago/ theft and a fight). We submitted the 601 waiver on March 12th, 2018. On March 6th 2019, USCIS sent a RFE for more evidence. We submitted additional evidence on June 11th, 2019. We have been waiting for a response since them. It has been another 172 days...so a total of 647 days just for the 601 waiver. Don't expect a response in the time that they say. They're not accurate. I'm heartbroken and ready to give up.
  3. No, he's a UK citizen. He's an old punk rock guy with crimes from 40 years ago. (petty theft and a fist fight with another guy)
  4. Greetings My Friends, I've been on this site for awhile now, and I would hope that the journey to get my husband to the States would be concluded. It's not. My husband was inadmissible due to 40 year old crimes when he was a stupid 18 year old. Our interview was in London on February 2nd of 2018. We submitted a 601 waiver on March 12th, 2018 through our first lawyer, and we waited for an entire year...then we received the RFE. The RFE clearly showed that they didn't even open or even read any of the evidence that we sent, they even said his crime was "violent and dangerous" taking it to a higher level of hardship. It wasn't. He was involved in a fist fight, and no one was seriously hurt. Our lawyer wasn't available for us, so we hired another. A month after the RFE, the London Embassy added a "misrepresentation" a year after our interview. NOT COOL! Our lawyer submitted the RFE on June 11th, when it was due. On August 22nd, the CEAC changed from "Refused" to "Administrative Processing". We've had our Congressman submitting inquiries every 30 days...with the rote responses. It is now 142 days since Nebraska has received our RFE. Anyone else having the same or similar experience?
  5. From what I understand, AP is security checks or "waiting" to complete something with the file. Our status changed from "Refused" to "AP" in August and we're still waiting for waiver approval.
  6. Was this ever resolved? Did you get your visa? We've been waiting for 130 days for ours.
  7. There are many of us that have been fighting too. My husband and I submitted his 601 after his interview in February of 2018. They received it March 2018, and we received a RFE March 2019. Now we've been in AP, but still no approval. It's not just you and your hubby. My husband in from the UK.
  8. I'm so sorry. I'm hoping that since they've been sitting on our RFE for so long that it's not a denial, but you never know with this.
  9. Absolutely! I've seen those with overstay or just misrepresentation approved much sooner than criminal or drug related 601s. We've been waiting over 100 days for a response to the RFE we sent. My husband had offenses from 40 years ago, showed rehab, showed plenty of hardship, and still waiting. Now in administrative processing and they could sit on it as long as they want.
  10. UPDATE: We received a RFE on March 1st, 2019. Our lawyer sent the response on June 11th, 2019. We have our Congressman involved, and his office has inquired 3 times now. It has now been 100 days since the Nebraska office received our response. Our CEAC status changed on August 22 from REFUSED to Administrative Processing. From what I understand, they can sit on our file now from 2 weeks, to 6 months, to 2 years. My husband and I are so frustrated, but we are hoping that after all of this we will get an approval.
  11. That is such great news!! Gosh, I'm hoping the same will happen for us soon. Thank you for telling me. xx
  12. We sent the RFE evidence on June 11th, and we've been waiting 77 days now. Our congressman sent two requests, one at 30 days and one at 60. USCIS responded with a message that our case has gone to a supervisor and adjudication has stopped. If we don't hear anything by 90 days, the congressman will make another request. It sucks.
  13. Ours was March 12, 2018. We received a RFE on March 1st, 2019. My husband's inadmissibility was from crimes when he was 18, 40 years ago. (Not violent either, but they sent back the RFE as a "violent and dangerous crime". Obviously they didn't look at the first packet our lawyer sent) Then April 1st, FAM at the US London Embassy tacked on an additional inadmissibility of misrepresentation. Playing dirty pool with our lives. Our lawyer submitted a rebuttal and additional evidence. Now we wait. It's bad all the way around.
  14. Our amazing lawyer already sent a preliminary response letter to accompany our additional evidence, and he took them to the wall! I couldn't have a more thorough or knowledgeable guy on our side. But thank you so much for the link and additional info. We have until June to respond.
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