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  1. There's been some talk about the current administration's plans to add foodstamps to the public charge list for immigrants coming on a visa, and denying immigrants of permanent resident status if they recieve them. My fiance will be here in October. I currently don't recieve any food stamps but I definitely gave it some thought as it would be a big help. Think its worth a shot? Or is it too risky right now?
  2. Yeah that's what I'm telling her. She's just so excited she's trying to rush things lol It's a Fiance K1 Visa
  3. Thank you. Sounds good. The plan will be November 5th. Thanks alot
  4. My fiance's visa expires December 16th. I want to get her ticket for November but we both want to be sure there will be no problem if the travel date is so close to visa expiration. Has there been any problems with this? (From Philippines to U.S)
  5. Oh ok. Then the social security number can only come after the AOS right. Shucks. That means i have to wait before getting back on the road. Thanks alot though
  6. I will be truck driving when my fiance arrives from Philippines. My plan is to bring her on the truck with me. But first she must have her ID. Can we apply for her ID as soon as she arrives or do we have to have the wedding first? Thanks.
  7. Thanks, I will just have to call the NVC on Monday to figure out what the hell is going on.
  8. My K1 Fiance case has been at NVC for the past two weeks. Now I just noticed this new update. But it appears to have instructions to pay fees for a spousal immigrant visa. We are applying for the K1 Non Immigrant Fiance visa from Manila Philippines. Why am i getting instructions to proceed for a spousal visa? If you see the screenshot, it says to fill out a DS-260, but as a K1 filer we're supposed to do a DS-160, not 260. And I-864 is not for us also. We are supposed to do the I-134. Did our case get mixed up somehow and is being processed as a spousal visa? God I hope not.
  9. We have a case and invoice number from approved petition. When i check the status of the case on the website, under Immigrant Visa, it shows our case is at NVC. It also shows a link to step by step instructions on how to schedule the interview. The first step is to choose an agent which is a DS-261 form. When i try to fill out the form, the site says "case number does not match our records". Right now my fiance's sister is heading to Bank of Philippines to pay the fee. So we're just hoping they'll let us. Any advice appreciated
  10. Yeah it looks like that's what we'll have to do, contact the bank. The online payment option is only for those who have a BPI account. Thanks You 👍
  11. We have the approved I-129F but the fiance is stuck in Saudi Arabia until the end of May. We have to pay the visa application fee in cash at Bank Of Philippines Islands to proceed with the DS-160. Is it possible to have my fiance's sister make the payment at the bank on her behalf? Or will the bank require my fiance to pay in person?
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