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  1. Hi @Naes maybe you have heard about something like that. I sent my AOS package 09/12, last month I received RIE I sent the response and today old website showed me that they sent another RIE but new website doesn't show that. Have you ever heard that they can send RIE two times?
  2. Hello Guys! At the Port of Entry what documents we should have? Do we need our Petition to have?
  3. Dear @Naes It doesn't show me immigrant or non-immigrant. The status just shows "Administrative Processing" How to know if it is immigrant or non-immigrant?
  4. @Greenbaum I'd like to ask, my case status starts to show AP today but also today they updated the date when case was created. Is it ordinary situation that when case moves to AP the date of when case was created also changes ?
  5. Yes, I understand. I have difficult situation so I must be patient and just wait.
  6. @Naes after the interview how long to wait till the status will show AP because my still shows Ready after interview?
  7. Can you please send a link where we can apply for marriage license online?
  8. I understand how you feel. Let's both hope that will happen soon.
  9. Oh ok. Because now I am reading everything I can about NVC process as it has been already 3 weeks from the day I received # from them but the status still tells "at NVC"
  10. If your Priority Date is not current, the NVC will send a letter indicating it has received your file and that no further action will be taken until your Priority Date is current. Approximately three to four months prior to the date on which it believs your Prioirty Date will become current, the NVC will issue a Fee Bill. I have read this information about NVC. Maybe someone knows what is the Priority Date? And where to find it?
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