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  1. Two more questions if you don't mind. 1. Do I input 'I forgot' if I don't remember supervisor's name in previous employment. 2. I have had two positions with my current employer. Do I only insert in the the 'present' section of the employment and list all duties pertaining to the two positions? Or do I list the present one in the present section and the previous one in the previous section?
  2. What do I input in the supervisor given name and family name section if I don't remember their names?
  3. What I asked is whether should I list duties I AM ACTUALLY doing or the 'official duties' listed on the company's job profile (which I'm not doing). Sorry if I didn't explain well.
  4. But the form also asks for the duties.. Will write official titles and the duties I am actually doing. Thanks!
  5. With the duties I am currently doing or the official title-related duties from the company? My situation is kind of weird.
  6. I am filling the ds-260 and I have some questions with regards to the employment section. First this is my situation: I have been with the same company for about 3.5 years and had two positions. One was that of a software developer (2.5 years) and the other as DevOps (1.5 years current). I started out as a software developer, then got a promotion, my job title didn't change but duties did. it's a software developer but I do the duties of what would be those similar to a mix computer systems analysts/user support technician/system administrator (according to O'NET database). What do I fill in the form? Official title and the current duties I do? Because the title does not reflect the duties I actually do.
  7. Thanks! I was stationed to interview at Naples according to the dvlottery site, but in the DS-260 I can choose my home country from the list. Can I/am I allowed to do so?
  8. It says however that you have to meet both the requirements. My current job is in Job Zone 3 which is Svp (6 < 7). It is a bit unclear as it says either OR but then underneath it says you must meet both requirements. Although I do meet it if it was ANY job in the last 5 years since I have 2 years experience in a Job Zone 4 (svp 7 < 8) but it is not my current job.
  9. So I got selected for the DV lottery to apply. Requirements seem a bit hard to understand - need your help! I have the following credentials: Education: Primary School, Secondary School - O Levels No high school diploma (was not awarded) International Diploma in Computer Studies - from UK University BSc (Hons) Degree in an IT related field (done in my home country but a UK university - formal education, local campus) <-- Highest Credential Work (last 5 years): 2+ years as a software developer/computer programmer - Job Zone - Level 4 1+ years as IT Operations (no relevant US job code but closest is user support technician) - Job Zone Level 3 <-- Current Job The requirements (education + work ) are below:
  10. Ok so I haven't completed my A Levels successfully Would I also need a job reference letter? Thanks for your help!
  11. It seems that American 'High School' is equivalent to our Secondary School, which is British based, so I guess I do qualify as I completed it successfully. Junior College are those years (between 16-18) which you attend to get your A Levels, which get you entrance to university. I am Maltese however the University I attended is a UK university.
  12. It's an official one, as I had to do it for a Canadian PR application. Consulate is Naples I believe but I'm from Malta. I haven't applied though yet, just passed the DV Lottery. If by 'High School' you mean Secondary school, it's completed successfully (certificate awarded), but my highest level of education is a BSc.
  13. Got selected to apply via the DV Lottery. I do not exactly understand the educational requirements. I have completed successfully primary and secondary school (6 + 5) until I was 16 years old then 2 extra years in what we call a 'junior college' (to prepare you for the exam) - which I completed (have certificate of completion) but not was awarded a certificate and then a 3 (4 according to WES) year Bachelor's Degree. I have read if you didn't spend those 2 years you can not qualify for the visa, even if you have a degree. Is this true?
  14. bliv

    What are my options?

    Hi all. I am a 26 year old from Malta that has a BSc. in an IT subject from a UK university and 3+ experience. What are my options for a work visa or greencard?