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  1. My suspicion is that all of these activities may be bugs or some type of system malfunction of NVC's CEAC's system as a result of updates. Just two weeks ago, NVC flagged some of my documents as "incomplete" despite the fact they were previously accepted/approved. The wired thing though is that they posted new document categories under which they wanted the documents uploaded, so I'm suspecting this may be a product of new revisions to the system. Lastly, I tried uploading the documents (same ones) to the other categories they were now asking for them under and I kept getting a debug error window (from the web server). This is what made me thought these activities were the results of modifications/revisions to the system. I waited about 2 days and tried uploading the same documents again and were successful this time. Like some others have said, I wouldn't read too much into these activities, but instead send them an email just to assuage your senses.
  2. Ok, I gotcha you. Thanks. So basically, despite the ban (on IV visa issuance at Embassies) NVC would still process the applications regardless? I thought NVC would have "stopped" processing IV applications because of the ban. I mean, after all, the embassies can't do anything with them anyways. My assumption is that they would just let IV (F2A, etc.) petitions just sit there and pile-up and gather dust in some distant corner of the building.
  3. Well, at last if the "9th Circuit Court of Appeals will issue an injunction" at least it takes the ban off the tables for the time being. Because of the Supreme Court's already packed schedule for the rest of the year (and the looming election in Nov.), I don't see them taking up the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals decision anytime soon. I don't see them fast tracking this to the Supreme Court basically. The Supreme Court knows a new election will resolve it ultimately, don't you think that's feasible?
  4. If as you say "routine visa issuance is suspended" at caec/nvc, can you explain why in the world yesterday I received an email stating that I must submit documents for my spouse and daughter -- documents they already have and have shown "Accepted"? Nonetheless, I uploaded the "same" documents again under the categories/headings they asked for them. In addition, they had a message stating I must submit W2/1099 when again, they are showing that they already changed the status to "accepted" for my tax transcripts and AOS. One last thing that kept happening as I attempted to uploaded the said documents they asked for (again), I kept getting this IIS debug window: Do you think there be some kind of system malfunction happening with ceac why it asked for the documents again, giving the errors I was receiving uploading documents? Perhaps programmers updating the system and a bug triggered this request (perhaps to others as well)?
  5. Sadly, because of COVID and the EOs, according to Reuters, USCIS offices will incur significantly more processing delay because they are now preparing to "furlough nearly 70%" of their staff by August 3. (All the fees the agency depends on to keep operations going has dried up.) This means things will most certainly grind to a virtual standstill. You can read the full article here: https://www.reuters.com/article/us-usa-immigration/u-s-agency-prepares-for-massive-staff-cuts-in-blow-to-legal-immigration-system-idUSKBN23V2XI They are appealing to Congress to fund their shortfall but honestly, with the current political environment these days, I have very little hope they will be saved (or at least before they furloughs the 70% of their staff). Imagine that, real (albeit many MAGA red hat wearing) Americans loosing their jobs because of a "so called" policy to "save American jobs". Go figure!
  6. "he can blame the virus and the economy on those immigrants"...actually he cannot after he has banned them all from entry into the US.
  7. Thank you for your common-sense and "fact" based analysis/opinion. When I was completing my Masters in technology from one of the top universities in Massachusetts, I could literally count the number of Americans who were part of my class. Many of my classmates were International students (India, China, Middle East, Europe, etc.) The percentage of American (particularly white) was equal or less in most of my classes (during my entire academic period in school). The point being, statistically, American employers are forced to hire many of these students (via H1B). So when you look at the raw facts mathematically -- American workers are not being displaced. Every single American (white or otherwise) who works in technology at least, can find one if they so choose. If you are an American complaining about "competing" with foreign skilled workers -- you are either too lazy to compete or simply doing so out of other fears (usually cultural). My second point relative to your comment is that when a LPR sponsor their spouse -- it takes several months for that individual (spouse) to be ready to be assimilated into the American workforce. They have have to wait several months (it took me appx. 9 months) to get a green card. And after being rejected for 3 months to get a job (with a Masters and 20yrs in IT) as a green card resident, I started my own IT consultancy. News flash: many corporations actually "prefer" to hire Americans -- not LPRs. Therefore during this "waiting" period to be a recognize an American resident (with employment benefits), immigrant spouses cannot take a job (so there is very little possibility of them taking away jobs opportunities from USC. Besides, let's say many immigrant spouses gets their authorization to work (green card/ssn) within 3 months, who is going to hire them? Most employers who have been forced to shut down, will try and rehire their existing laid off employees (not look for new workers). Secondly, those that received loans from the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) are mandated to "re-hire" their existing furloughed employees. Again, very little opportunity for freshly minted green card holders to come in and swoop away these jobs. And most high skilled American and H1B workers did not loose their jobs anyways. So this EO does nothing for this group. This whole EO is a farce and like everything else this administration has done, it is never based on facts or scientific validity or for the betterment of America as a whole -- it is all done through the prism of political gain solely for one man (not even his followers benefit). This EO does nothing to help Americans get back on their feet -- what he needs is an EO on stopping the spread of the virus. That is the only way jobs are going to come back again at sustainable levels.
  8. Indeed, if @FPope received a letter immediately preceding the NVC receipt, then yes that's the welcome letter (as you rightly pointed out, it provides your invoice ID, case #, etc.). The next letter after that would be your appointment letter. Which provides your appointment date, vaccination requirements, and other info related to preparing for your embassy appointment/interview).
  9. There is no app. I suppose when I (and others) refer to the term app relative to US Immigration, we should be prefacing it with "web", as in web app. To my knowledge, none of the US immigration offices has published a mobile app that does what their web apps (or web services) provides. Hope this is clearer.
  10. Actually, the unemployment rate is not 13-15% it is much more than that. You can find many, many articles around the internet that speaks to why this number not being accurate, here's one reference: https://www.cnbc.com/2020/06/05/heres-why-the-real-unemployment-rate-may-be-higher-than-reported.html As the articles states: "The agency admitted the real unemployment rate likely exceeds 16%" -- and that is because BLS has themselves admitted that they made reporting errors. Might I remind you that because of this administration's utter incompetence, is itself why the unemployment rate is in tatters, the economy will take many, many years to recover -- and the country is in midst of mass protests and chaos -- these events are all the results of this administration's "America First" promised -- efficient incompetence. If this is your kinda thing, good for you, but it will end come November.
  11. I think most of us saw this coming, -- the White House is preparing new immigration limits on additional immigration categories (beyond the current immigrant ones (IR5, F2A, etc.) that were banned by EO on April 22. CNN is reporting that the White House is planning to add add more visa categories to the existing EO to be banned ("including L-1 visas for incomparably transfers, H-1Bs for workers in a specialty occupation, H-2Bs for temporary non-agricultural workers and J-1 visas for exchange visitors") and extend it further after it expires this week. So those of us who are currently stuck in this EO limbo, I'm afraid we have at minimum, another 5 more months of wait (possibly indefinitely if the mad hatter gets another term). Reference: https://www.cnn.com/2020/06/09/politics/immigration-limits-coronavirus/index.html
  12. Agree 100 percent. It's infuriating that so many people are so selfish and only think of themselves. Sometimes, I can understand why China has had such a heavy-handed approach to the virus in its country and simply locking people up in their own homes or arresting them when they violate stay at home orders. I swear a large swath of the South needs to be treated this way. Can you even imagine there are some businesses that have been actively rejecting customers for wearing a mask? How lunatic! Well, granted in some instances, I can still see on the other side why some are understandably forced to stay home because s omany people's basic needs are not being addressed (like the way the Chinese government supplied food and people's other basic needs while being locked down). Sadly, if we had a competent Administration in the WH, perhaps these issues could have been addressed more efficiently (let alone reaching pandemic level here in the US).
  13. This is a confusing statement from WHO without understanding the nuances of the discussion. According to Dr. Ashish Jah, Director of Harvard Global Health Institute, the WHO was referring to the difference between "asymtomatic" and "prsymtomatic" people. You can view it here for yourself (Title: Doctor cautions 'nothing has changed' on wearing masks): https://www.msnbc.com/morning-joe
  14. Honestly, nobody has any idea. Not even NVC has any idea because they are moving at a snail's pace currently because of "stay at home" orders that were in effect. Perhaps, now that many states are opening again (or I should say, forcing/pushing people back into the work place), perhaps their turn-around time may increase. I've seen NVC go from an average turn around time of 53 days in December to 63-67 (during Jan 2020 - Feb 2020), and during the Pandemic 67-88 days. Unfortunately, as of June 1, it is now approximately 94 days turn-around time frame (from submission of all docs to receipt of DQ status). Perhaps, the turn-around time frame may go down slowly as NVC offices begins welcoming back their workers to the office. Please keep mind that even if NVC completes your case, they cannot issue a definitive appointment date (if any) because of President Trump's immigration ban (if it applies to you). Lastly, not all cases are treated equally, despite being filed on the same day as other cases. It's a waiting game my friend; your best option is to monitor the "Current case review time" here as others have posted already: https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/us-visas/immigrate/nvc-timeframes.html
  15. Trump already said he's going to extend it. So all F2A petitioners will have to wait until after the November elections to boot this President for this to be lifted. Honestly, our family members are "probably" better off right now where they currently resides.
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