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  1. Hi everyone, I hope you all are ok. This situation is really tough. I am going thru a very rough time. I am now taking therapy as I am dealing with depression caused by this horrendous situation. I hope everyone find peace and comfort in their hearts. And for those who can be with their love ones, enjoy each minute to the most. I wish the best to each one of you!!
  2. Yes, it's sad. That's why I say that if anyone has the option to live with their love one while they wait, it's so much better. We do not know how long more we will have to wait. Each case different timing. I wish I would have known this would take this much, I would have left long time ago.
  3. Wuao!! That's great!! Hopefully, all this come to an end for you and soon your visa can be issued. Inshallah.
  4. No one it's going to give us back the time we have lost without our love ones. I wish everyone find a way to spend time with your love ones while we wait.
  5. I contacted my congressman few weeks ago, everything took like 2 weeks, between the documents you have to fill out (authorizing them to inquire about your case) and the office contacting the DS and Embassy. I know for a lot of people this has been useful. For me, it wasn't. The State Department and Embassy answered them with the same answer they always give me.... your case is in AP, it can take several months, bla bla... I think it's good you do it anyway. Use all the resources you have!!
  6. Hi, I did that for my husband before he had his interview last year but it was pointless. Still he was place in Administrative Processing, regardless all what I did to file the taxes as married filling jointly, and albums, photos, receipts, etc,etc,etc.... Filling taxes that way was a total nightmare I do not wish anyone go through. My lawyer suggested do it that way but I wish I didn't listen to him. It was a nightmare that took a year to get solved. I sent everything, stamped original photocopy at the U.S Embassy, etc.... I had to call multiple times to the IRS, they always would tell me a different story every time I called, at the end i went to the IRS office in my city myself, they told me even in their website is NOT clear, they were not accepting people outside the country for the ITIN number. I was in shocked! At the end, of course, they rejected my husband ITIN number, I continue my battle and they finally process the taxes, without his number. It wasn't easy. I called them countless times, wrote letters, contacted my city council and everything. The biggest problem also was to file the taxes without the ITIN number in my state. Even the IRS, after almost a year process my taxes without his number, the state didn't want to process it. I tried to do it as single but since I filed first as married, I couldn't do it. It was a total nightmare. This year I filed as single and took me 1 week.
  7. Have you contacted the embassy regarding your case? if so, have they told you something different than "your case is under...."? Have you noticed if the "last updated date" in the status of your application has changed? I have days of hope and days of depression. It so unfair to wait this long for no reason
  8. Hi Everyone, I am writing to know 1) how everyone is doing and 2) how long have you all been waiting for in Administrative Processing. It would be useful to know so we can have a better idea of how long we are suppose to wait for an answer. Thank you so much!
  9. A friend of mine is applying to Canada, after her husband was rejected in his interview. Exactly 3 months later (after his rejection) the embassy contacted him to send the form 35... to be placed in AP. However, they are already in the process of immigrating to Canada. I think if you have the means, you are proficient in English, and have a degree, that is a good option to consider. I’ve heard cases of people considering it as well. Unless, you are willing to wait another year or two as you said. But hopefully, we don’t have to wait that, and our cases get solved within 6 months, inshallah.
  10. Hi Everyone, I hope you guys are doing well, I wanted to know how everyone is doing and if you have heard about your respective cases. if anyone of you know, how long the AP is usually taken, according to what you have heard of real cases? When I do the google search, it's very depressing, so I wanted to know what you guys have experienced. Thanks everyone!
  11. I know that website, but I couldn't complete that part for my husband because they only give me two options of visa: returning resident and K3, so I couldn't sign him up Did they keep your passport?
  12. what a great news!!! Inshallah you can give us the good news soon how long have you been in AP?
  13. Hello guys, there is a petition to ask the congress to to repeal the Muslim ban, please sign below! Thank you. >>. https://actionnetwork.org/petitions/sign-this-petition-demand-congress-act-to-repeal-the-muslim-ban?source=Aug2018NoMuslimBanSoc
  14. I found this link in case some of you find it interesting >>> https://www.npr.org/2018/09/07/645282106/if-the-travel-ban-has-affected-you-we-want-to-know NPR's Morning Edition is looking to speak with families that have been affected.
  15. New York. I sent you a message. Thanks for sharing your case!