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  1. It turns out it was a glitch. Yesterday I got two letters saying my EAD and AP had been approved, and today my combo card arrived. Yay!!!
  2. One of my little fingers - can't remember which hand - wouldn't scan properly. My case status has since updated to ready to schedule interview, so I'm assuming that means the fingerprint review completed OK.
  3. Argh! On Friday I got a case update that said my EAD had been approved and my card was in production, which I was obviously excited about. However, today it's changed to say fingerprint review completed. Clearly Friday's update was an error, and I'm feeling massively disappointed now. Just when I thought I might be able to get out there and start working...grr!
  4. I did end up going to Memphis for a second set of biometrics, on 10 September. The day after that my status changed to case ready to be scheduled for interview, but I haven't heard anything since. Have you got a date for your interview yet? If so, how long after your biometrics appointment is/ was it?
  5. I've had that problem too! I had my biometrics for EAD at the beginning of the month. I phoned USCIS shortly afterwards to ask when I would have my biometrics for AOS. The agent on my phone assured me I would only have one set taken. Even after I explained that I knew other people had had two sets taken, he still insisted they would use the one set for both applications. Guess what? My biometrics appointment letter for AOS just arrived today. 🙄
  6. Not yet. Still waiting. I'm hoping the recent decrease in estimated processing time plus my biometrics appointment means I won't be waiting too long, but you never know with USCIS
  7. Like the OP I lived in a place in the UK where I didn't need to drive, so I never learned - so I'm having to learn here. I'm in Mississippi and got my learner's permit - after a fair amount of hassle and 'computer says no' - back in May, before my I94 expired. However, I've yet to do my actual driving test. Does anyone know if I would need to go through the whole process of proving my identity and that I'm legally allowed to be here AGAIN to get my actual license, or if having done it once for the learner's permit would be enough? The MS Drivers Service Bureau says I would need to present 'proof of legal presence' but doesn't specify what that needs to be. I'm currently waiting for EAD/AOS so my 'proof of legal presence' is my NOA1.
  8. I'm with you on that...it's tough, isn't it? Likewise I also filed in the third week of May. I had a biometrics appointment earlier this week, but it appears that was just for my EAD and not my AOS. It looks like I'll have to go back for another biometrics appointment at some point in the future, but I'm still waiting to find out when that appointment will be. I put in a service request last month and the response I got was that my application is still being processed. As soon as 30 days are up from when I filed that service request I'm putting in another one - and will continue to do so until I get that appointment.
  9. Ok. You'd think it would be more efficient for them to do both at the same time...
  10. Oh great. How long after the first biometrics letter did you receive the second?
  11. I finally had my biometrics appointment in Memphis yesterday, a little over two months after my NOA1. The letter I received with the details of the appointment said it was for form I765 - not I485 - which I didn't think anything of at the time. I just assumed they did one set of biometrics that covered everything I had applied for. Now I'm wondering if that was the wrong assumption. Has anyone had to have a second set of biometrics done - one for EAD and one for AOS?
  12. Would it also help to have a letter from the non-profit explaining why it would be a financial hardship for them if they didn't employ me? The director has said if I was unable to work for them she would have to go out and advertise externally which would take time, cost money etc
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