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  1. Riane and Chad

    St. Luke's sputum test April 2018

    Same here. I was devasted when the nurse told me I have to undergo sputum test. I have to go back there next week to see my results and pulmonary evaluation.
  2. So we had our medical last April 18, (I decided to do it first before I schedule our interview at US embassy) unfortunately, I had to undergo the 3 day sputum test as the nurse said my xray has abnormality though my xray result from my clinic was normal and clear. Its confusing but I still did the sputum test anyways. My K2’s medical is good for immunization. He is clear but because Im the principal applicant, he has to wait for me to get cleared with my medical for another 2 months or more. Now, I checked our ceac status yesterday and was surprised to see that its now under “administrative processing” yet my K2’s status remained “ready”. Is this normal? Or is it because I have to undergo sputum and culture test for 2 months? Is anyone here experiencing the same?
  3. I sent you a message hope that answers your question.
  4. We have same date approval/NOA2 but they say in NVC that our case hasnt received yet. 😞 But Im happy just reading here and seeing people getting excited for their big day. 😊 Hope you get your case number soon and things will run smoothly too.
  5. We were approved March 28 too and nvc dont have our case yet. Im getting impatient calling and talking to their representatives. If we wont call them will we receive a notification if they already got our case? Just wondering
  6. When was your approved date?
  7. You only called NVC once and you already got your case number in 5 minutes?? Thats incredible! We got approved march 28 and Ive been calling NVC after a week since then but still they havent received our case.
  8. When was your NOA2? Ive been calling NVC for 2 weeks now but they just keep saying they havent received our case yet and it takes 6-8 weeks for it to arrive from USCIS. Its frustrating knowing most people who got approved last March got their case number already.
  9. I am wondering if I should still fill out the Husband Surname section even if Im already annulled. As Im sure I did fill out aka section with my married name but as I said earlier they didnt make it appear on my paper. I guess best thing is to really call NBI. Thank you @hank_
  10. On the paper there’s none. Not even a nickname.
  11. I have read on older forums that if you submit your NBI clearance without AKAs on it (especially if you are annulled) during your interview at USEM, you’ll get a 221g mail. So I renewed my NBI few days ago and made sure I filled out the part where they’re asking for AKA or other names used. NBI are now releasing multi-purpose clearances so there’s no option for travel purposes too. I received my NBI and my AKA doesnt appear on it. Should I apply for another renewal? Is anyone here who got the same issue with their multi-purpose NBIs but didnt have a problem during the interview or get a 221g? TIA for your replies.
  12. You used that app you told me when you called? We got our approval just last 03/28 when do you think I should start calling them? Have you already scheduled your medical and interview?
  13. Wow you already have your MCN girl congrats! How many days did it take?
  14. Thank you girl! I hope we have the same medical and interview sched