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  1. Our interview was on 3/11 and we got approved on the spot. The officer didn't really ask us any question regarding our relationship, he basically just reviewed whatever we submitted and asked if we have anything own jointly. My medical exam wasn't completed because the Dr. office didn't mark the result on the last page and it would be expired in 3 days from the interview day. Fortunately, they made it easy for us, they told me to bring the medical exam back to Dr. office to get it fixed and put back to a sealed envelope. We came back at 2:30pm and got approved! My card is on the way as they just mailed it out today. Finally a long journey comes to an end.
  2. Hi guys, we just got our interview notice for Mar 11. 😁😁😁 I heard that the medical examination only good for a year, do I have to redo the examination to bring it with me to the interview?
  3. Hi guys, So I submitted a renewal package for EAD but not with the AP, is it still ok?
  4. Hi guys, I am applying to renew my EAD and got a question. I came here with F-1 visa and got married for AOS but I am currently not going to school so my SEVIS is terminated. Should I still fill out my SEVIS number in the form or leave it blank? Thank you Yay, congratulations!
  5. Hello everyone, I know this is a side question but hopefully any of you guys can help. I have gotten my EAD, am I able to use it to return to school? I was an original F-1 holder and I stopped going to school after I got married. Now I want to comeback school to finish up my degree. I know I should wait until I get my green-card but seeing if I can do anything earlier... Thank you.
  6. Congrats!!! I just got a text and email confirmation about the approval of combo cards today too!!! This is official! Day 153 Finally the process is moving for most of us.
  7. update: I just checked regular USCIS website and the update is like this - no update yet on DHS
  8. Hello everyone, So I called USCIS today to check on my case because I could not see any updates on both sites. I could not connect to talk to the representative so I checked my receipt numbers with the automatic voice system instead and only my EAD number said "they ordered production of my card TODAY (July 9, 2018) and it will come in within 30 days" while the other numbers could not be found at the moment. Is it normal when it said your receipt numbers could not be found or recognized? Anyway, I found so relief because it looks like my EAD is approved.
  9. Hello guys, It has been 134 days for my case and I have not had any updates regarding EAD and AP yet, still patiently waiting. Is there anyone experiencing a problem that you cannot see your status on USCIS site (cannot recognize case number) and no updates on DHS site?
  10. Hi everyone, this is my first post ever because I have a concern. Below is my timeline as of now: 02/07/18 mailed to USCIS 02/09/18 delivered to USCIS 02/21/18 text received 02/26/18 hard copy NOA1 I am still waiting for my notice of Biometrics. I saw most of you guys got that notice within a week or less, is it also normal for my case if I have not received mine? Thank you.
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