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  1. Hi everyone, I am applying for Citizenship & I need some help on part 12 number 29. I got a DUI in 2013 and don't know what to put on that section. Do I just put charged for DUI /PROBATION / DISMISSAL ??? Anyone else here that filled out their own N400 application with a DUI and got their Citizenship??
  2. So I went this morning and no luck. The lady that helped me out was really nice and she wanted to help me but she said they only can go back 30 days. Unfortunatly it’s past the 30 days I sent the Stuff out to uscis.
  3. I did already. I double checked my history and everything but nothing. My only hope is tomorrow when I go to the post office.
  4. I don’t have the post office receipt. After I check to see it was delivered I just didn’t pay attention to it anymore since I thought it was for sure in their hands. I will have to go to the post office with luck and ask kindly if they can look up in their system from the date I sent it. I know the date and time, hopefully that helps.
  5. I do have a receipt copy from court for the 25$ I paid to get the certified copies. The tracking number I lost :/..I really hope usps can help me out getting that tracking number back. I also did make an infopass appointment next week on Thursday. Hope all goes well. I am so bummed.
  6. update: Today I received a letter from uscis denying my citizenship case because they never received the additional information they requested, which was a certified court dipostion that I sent April 26. I don't know what to do now. Should I call uscis and explain to them that I did sent out that additional information they requested?
  7. It’s kinda weird because when I went for my interview it was there with my application, the IO went trough it. But yea I am going to call today just to make sure.
  8. I sent a certified copy of my case from the court which I payed a 25$ fee for . Here is a picture of what they sent. thanks for the help.
  9. Update: So today I received a letter from uscis asking for additional information court disposition of my DUI arrest. I had sent a court copy of my case with my application which i thought that was it. Why are they asking for it again? Maybe I am confused and they asking for something different?
  10. Mx08

    DUI and Filling N-400

    I see, well you gave me more hope. Thanks a lot for your replies. I’ll keep this forum posted when I get a letter from them.
  11. Mx08

    DUI and Filling N-400

    I guess I am going to have to wait longer. I had my interview on the 9th of this month and still waiting for an update. When did you get your DUI and when did you apply for citizenship?
  12. Mx08

    DUI and Filling N-400

    Did you get recommended for approval or had to wait?
  13. Mx08

    DUI and Filling N-400

    Congrats! Lucky you. Did you have a DUI also?
  14. Mx08

    DUI and Filling N-400

    Still no decision? I am going trough the same problem. I had my interview on the 9th of this month and passed but decision cannot be made.
  15. Mx08

    DUI and Filling N-400

    Hey bearmirus how did everything go? Did you get approved or denied??