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  1. My wife came to the US on a K-1 and we just married and are submitting our AOS along with a 765 work authorization but we have two questions. 1. For question 25 on Page 3 it asks: "Your current immigration status or category." Do we put k-1 Fiancee Visa even though we have already married? 2. For question 27 on Page 3 it asks for your eligibility category. We are filing the Work Authorization at the same time as AOS. I believe the category we choose is C9? Can someone confirm this, it's a bit confusing. Thanks!
  2. Thanks, yes I will separate it, just funny as the physician's office probably thought it looked nice binded, but now just more work to take apart
  3. Thank you, this is so helpful! And yes, you are right, it is a second, personal copy the physician gave to my wife. The original copy is in the sealed envelope. A little odd it's all binded together, but I will carefully separate and copy just the DS-3025. Thank you again!
  4. Thank you for this info. She is from Sweden. Yes, the medical is in the sealed envelope, but they gave her a second copy to hold onto herself. So, our copy of the DS-3025 is bound with the whole medical, in a sort of binding. Would you submit the whole thing, or should we try to tear it open and remove just the DS-3025 pages? I know an odd question, but wondering if it matters.
  5. Hello, My wife is about to submit her AOS after entering the U.S. on a K-1. We are a bit confused regarding what to submit for the medical records. Is it correct that if she had a physical and all shots abroad, prior to K-1 entry, then we can just submit the DS-3025 and not a 693? A second question, the medical examiner abroad binded our whole copy of the medical report together. Will it be a problem if we submit again the whole report, which includes the DS-3025, or is it best to try to pull the 3025 out of the binding?
  6. Hello, My wife came to the U.S. on a K-1 and is now filing her AOS. We are a bit confused if we need to include any police records from her home country in the AOS application? She has no police or court records previously. Also, all these records were submitted in the K-1. Do we have to submit again?
  7. Hello, I have one more 864 question. I am self-employed, so I ordered and received a copy of my most recent tax transcript. In the 864 instructions it states: "If you selected that you are self-employed, you should have completed one of the following forms with your Federal income tax return: Schedule C, Schedule D, Schedule E, or Schedule F. You must include each and every Form 1040 Schedule" Is my tax transcript sufficient, or do I need to attach a copy of my Schedule C and Schedule D too? I know this info is already in the tax transcript to a degree.
  8. Ok thanks. I'm self-employed so I don't really have employment verification. I don't think I will have my taxes ready before submitting either. I am over the income requirements on my 2017 return and I have substantial bank account statements I am including, so I hope this is enough?
  9. Thank you so much. So you are saying *current* means my 2019 income? It's going to be quite similar to 2018, just funny how when I submit in March I have 2017 tax transcript and current 2019 income listed, but I guess that's how it works out.
  10. Hello, I am sponsoring my spouse via the 864 for AOS. She recently came over on a K-1 and we got married. I have a question regarding the most recent tax years. We are planning to submit AOS in March, and I haven't done my 2018 taxes yet, so the most recent years I would have is 2017, 2016 and 2015, including a transcript of 2017. Is this fine? I am assuming in question 7 "My current individual annual income" I can answer what my 2018 should come to? Does this sound ok? Thanks
  11. My fiancee and I are preparing her AOS after she came over on a k-1. I have one question regarding the DS-3025 form. When she received her physical in Sweden there was no Flu shot available (the country ran out) so they waived it, marking it F (Flu Vaccine Not Available). The physical occurred in December, which is during Flu season and when I believe the US requires the Flu shot (I read that they require it from October - March). My question is, if the physical was during Flu season, but the Flu vaccine was not given because Sweden didn't have it, and they waived it F, will that be sufficient? Thanks!
  12. I'm currently filling out the i-864 as I will sponsor my wife for AOS. She initially came over on a k-1. The question I have it, is there any advantage to submitting the optional tax transcripts for my second and third most recent taxes? On my current transcript I am just slightly over the 125% poverty line, but I also have significant assets. Is there any reason to submit my other transcripts? I am self-employed if that is a factor.
  13. Thanks for the reply. My fiancee is only quitting her job in Europe now, will come to U.S. March 1 and we will marry a week later. I did hear of certain California courthouses have 4-6 week delays in mailing marriage certificates, but this sounds like the exception. I will call vital records at my court house and ask. It would be great if the are as fast as in Illinois.