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  1. Hi all, Got my GC in the mail Thursday. Nebraska filer. Case received at Nebraska Service Center: 01/02/2020 Biometrics applied: 05/18/2020 New Card Being Produced: 01/07/2021 GC Received: 01/14/2021 Joint filing. No interview. Good luck, all!
  2. Congrats! @vharrold What service center? @rickyminator Congrats!! What service center?
  3. Hey @Boiler Alimony laws vary state to state, and we don't know what the status with the child is. As @Paul & Mary mentioned, in some states the husband of the mother is automatically put on the birth certificate. We're missing a lot of information, which is why I asked OP clarification questions in a subsequent post. Didn't mean to suggest he absolutely is liable for alimony, but divorce proceedings can end in court (could be for division of assets), and even though its a state matter, there are many cases of USCIS and ICE getting information on out of status individuals via court documentation.
  4. What state are you in? Is your current wife aware of your intention to divorce and are you on the same page with dividing assets and all that stuff?
  5. You need to hire a lawyer IMMEDIATELY. Someone already mentioned this but you are here illegally as of 2018 and this subjects you to deportation proceedings at any time. It doesn't matter that you're married to a USC if there's no green card to show for it. It also doesn't matter that you intend to marry someone later on and get a GC through that marriage, you can be deported well before that. When you divorce your current wife, what if she takes you to court for alimony? That will immediately bring your current immigration status in the eyes of ICE and USCIS and without a lawyer you'll be screwed. I'm sorry to be so blunt but you are in a ridiculously bad situation here - call a lawyer TODAY.
  6. Hi all, Happy New Year! Didn't see a thread started yet so here we are! My timeline thus far: Package mailed out: 12/24/2019 Case received at Nebraska Service Center: 01/02/2020
  7. Hi all, I had a question about starting a new job when your I-751 is pending. Scenario: I'm currently looking to interview for a new job. I am currently employed. If I get a job offer within the next two months (my own estimated job search timeline), I'd be starting in March. In March, I'll be in a position where my Conditional GC will have expired (expires 3/5) but I'll have my 18 mo. extension letter in hand. At that time, if I start a new job, would I be able to just present the conditional green card with the extension letter for e-verify and the I-9? Or would the employer need something else to satisfy the I-9 e-verify process? Thank you in advance for your time and comments!!
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