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  1. Hi guys, hope everyone is doing great and keeping safe. Please those who have gone through i485 process after vawa approval, what documents are they asking for initial evidence? This is what I saw yesterday when I was checking my status
  2. Hang in there sweet heart, you will get it. Stay focused patient and prayerful, God knows our hearts and he will see us through. Thank you for rejoicing with me.
  3. Thank you so such@ Shroy123. You all here are the MVPs.
  4. Stillwinning i can't thank you enough, when i was confused and depressed i sent u a text message explaining my situation and to responded giving me courage and hope. God alone will bless you for always standing by, being supportive and celebrating with others. Thumbs up sweet heart.
  5. Thank you very much, Aquila God has been faithful, i pray for any one who has been through this to succeed in Jesus name.
  6. Hello to everyone here in this journey. I am a March 2018 filer and my journey has been a very long one. Afer filing i did not not receive any till January 16 2020 when they sent me my first rfe, they asked for a whole lot and i was panicing and crying thinking i will never succeed. I have a lawyer but i was 80 percent on my case. I read people's experiences on here and try to get all the necessary documents myself, the good thing is he was very corperative. I had to submit a background check from Europe where i had lived before coming to the US. I responded to my rfe on March 2020 and yesterday i checked my status and this is what i saw on my i 360. I guess this is a fat big and great news for me. I just graduated from a nursing school as an LPN on June 2 , 2020, that is what has been keeping me busy and taking my mind off the stress of this journey.
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