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  1. Yes it was typo. it should have been that EAD/AP does NOT show for local office. only 485.
  2. Another Sept 2018 filer. As of now status change to "Case is ready for an interview to be scheduled" and it changed on 2/12/2019. Still waiting for interview notice. Hope to see this change soon.
  3. I did not get any RFE/RFIE for any of the applications (knock on wood). Having said that, the processing times for EAD/AP does show for local offices. ONly for 485, you can see for local office. Thanks!
  4. I am not worried about the wait for the actual green card. But I have not received EAD and advance parole that I had applied along with 485 for my wife. That is what is causing anxiety.
  5. Yes I am in Iowa.. I dont think Iowa has that many people going thru immigration process. We have more hogs than people lol.
  6. How long does uscis take for the interview to be scheduled. I applied 485 after getting married to my fiance (now wife) and filed 485 last september. Feb 12th, there was an update on the website saying that our case was ready for interview and we will get a notice about the date and next steps. It has been a month and no sign of notice about the interview. Anyone in the similar situation?
  7. Fiancee got Packet 4 and she scheduled the interview for July 11th. Woohoo. but very surprised that we could not find any dates earlier than July 11th. One more step closer. Scheduling medical now. And collecting documents.
  8. Update: Got Packet 3 email on 24th May and we responded with DS 160, scanned Passport page and check list on the same day. Now waiting for packet 4. I have updated the timeline as well.
  9. Update: My fiancee got a letter from montreal embassy to send the proof of canadian citizenzip/green card. Did they change how the embassy sends out Packet3/Packet4 info. No email or snail mail about packet 3 or packet 4 or interview. It the same status as the above post. Let me know if any one got the same letter from Montreal. THanks!
  10. Update as of 5/18 Fiancee sent email with DS160# and MTL# with the packet 3 check list but got a email response saying that she have to wait until packet 3 info is sent. so far we have not got any response in the snail mail. Does she have to does it again or can she go ahead and schedule interview? The status at ceac says as below. Can we schedule an interview as per the status? "Your case is ready for you to schedule an interview at the U.S. Consulate General in Montreal. If you have already scheduled an interview appointment, please prepare your documents as directed in your appointment letter and appear at the Consulate on the appointed date and time. Otherwise, please wait until you have been notified of your interview appointment. Additional information about how Immigrant Visa interview appointments are scheduled can be found at:http://nvc.state.gov/interview For more information, please visit TRAVEL.STATE.GOV."
  11. Chris D So you think, just the 2 page divorce statement (or whatvever it is called) that states court has granted and ordered the dissolution of marriage is enough? Thanks!
  12. I am in the same situation and just called the clerk of courts at my county. They will charge $20 for certifying the divorce order. It is a 2 page document that states that the marriage is dissolved (order of granting marriage dissolution). But there is also another 20 page document that is called "filed stipulation". It has all the guts of the decree like schedule, holiday time, etc etc etc. The county charges 50 cents per page plus $20 to certify. My question is , is the 2 page certified order is good enough or I need the the 2 page order and filed stipulation? My fiancee may get an interview date in June at MTL. Thanks again.
  13. My fiancee sent the packet 3 email yesterday and she gets an email from MTL embassy saying not to send any packet 3 documents until she gets notified. So we are going to wait until we get packet 3 mail/email and then email packet 3 info. We cannot make appointment for interview until packet 4 is received.
  14. will keep this thread posted. thanks!
  15. Thank you for information. Good luck and keep us posted when you finish with the interview.