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  1. In term of the cost of medicals done for ships, I have also had to do medicals for working on boats. The medical for the US visa in the UK is over TRIPLE the cost of a ENG1 medical or medical to go work on a boat. The US have specific medical centres only (and correct me if I'm wrong everyone) but they don't allow you to source out your own physician. Im sorry your journey has been difficult so far but wishing you a speedy approval! Best wishes
  2. No but from what im reading around, it takes about 1-2 months! And then the interview is normally within the month of the date notice. I think London has their **** together so it hopefully wont be too long. Let me know if you get yours
  3. adsanctis

    UK Embassy Interview Experience

    Congratulations! How long from the NVC accepting your documents did you get an interview date?
  4. Filers from LONDON, how long did you have to wait for your interview date after NVC accepted your documents? Thank you
  5. Hi everyone. I had to resubmit some docs to the NVC due to them being unreadable. I did this yesterday morning just fine. But earlier I got an email from the NVC stating 'The National Visa Center (NVC) updated the status of your immigrant visa application.' I logged on yet nothing has changed with my case. They haven't even reviewed my resubmitted documents, as far as I can see. Has anyone else experienced this or knows what it means? Thanks
  6. Thank you. However it doesn't give me that option so I'm filling it out by hand and scanning it in. Do you think that would be okay?
  7. Hi everyone, I'm currently doing the documents and forms online for the NVC. I did the DS-260 by online form but its asking to SCAN in a copy of the form I-864? I was under the impression that this would be done electronically too however cannot find the electronic option only the 'upload document' option. Is this normal? Thank you in advanced and congrats to those who have their visas already! See you on the other side
  8. For those of you going through the NVC stage, how long did it take between them receiving your case and processing it to send documents in?
  9. Hi! We're in the same situation. My husband lives abroad with me and has for a year but hasn't been able to work in this country. Did you file with a sponsor or not? And were they happy with just the transcripts?
  10. Hi, I hope that this gives you some hope! I'm March 9th and got approved 1st November from Nebraska. Still waiting for NVC to receive case. Hang in there, it's coming!!
  11. YAY received NOA1 1 week after posting! Does anyone know at what point I will get my A-Number as it is not shown on the letter?
  12. Hi Everyone, Having seen that Nebraska is the slowest center out there and QUITE A FEW of you are getting your applications sent there (including myself), I was wondering who from the past have experienced their timeframe/process and if it was as it says... (soooo long). People who have just found out that their applications have been sent to Nebraska... Welcome Lets keep each other updated!
  13. Wondering whether to sign Maiden Name signature to match all my documents (passport/marriage certificate etc) or to sign new married name which doesn't match any of my Maiden name documentation. Got married last week and filing tomorrow. What did all you newly weds sign?
  14. When filling out the I-130/I-130A and a question does not apply to you (or you do not need to fill out the whole section) do I: a) Write 'N/A' in the first box of the question's spaces and leave the others blank b) 'N/A' all the questions spaces that do not apply/ need to answer c) Leave all that do not apply/need to answer blank