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  1. Thank you for sharing your experience! Really appreciate it! Right now I'm also leaning towards getting the vaccinations done before my medical for my piece of mind. At the medical I will check the form if it has all the vaccinations + chickenpox history on there before signing it. GL in the USA (if you haven't left already)!
  2. Michaela, thank you for commenting on this topic, I really appreciate it I did read your embassy review with your medical description. It is very similar to what I have heard from the doctors. Altough in my case (cr1/ir1) I do not know what the checkpoints in the USA would be where they would check i really got the recommended vaccinations- I assume that in case of K1 visa that would be AOS. I will only need influenza and possibly also TDaP booster for my missing vaccines. If the embassy issues my visa even without the completed vaccinations, I don't see any reason why to get them. But at the same time I just might get them to be on the safe side. I am torn Either way, it seems like the doctors don't know what they're doing here which is quite frustrating.
  3. Thank you for your reply. I looked up the form I-693 and one of the options that the civil surgeon can check is "Applicant does not meet immunization requirements". I really don't want that option checked on my form. The doctors at the medical do not administer any vaccinations, therefore I would say I will need to have my shots ahead my medical exam (in that case I do not know why the medical exam costs over $300 here)
  4. That is the strange thing - I was told they do not do them in general (except tetanus). They will just mark I do not have the vaccinations on the form for the embassy, that's it. Maybe somebody from the Czech Republic can clarify this? BTW I had to find out online which shots I need. The doctor mentioned that Hepatitis B is necessary (which I think is untrue). And I talked to both the medical assistant and the doctor. It just seems to me they did not give me correct info. Thank you for your replies. Somehow I just find it hard not to worry about it
  5. Thank you all for your quick replies. The thing is the doctor made it very clear they do not do any vaccinations at the medical. The only thing they can do is Tetanus. I find this very strange. I understand that there could be a requirement that I should get the missing vaccinations once I am in the US - however I would rather avoid this option - there will be many more issues to worry about once I arrive🙂 I am planning the leave in July, after our 2Y anniversary. I just do not want any unnecessary problems/setbacks All feedback is much appreciated!
  6. Hello, I would like to ask for your opinions about required vaccinations for CR1 Visa (interview scheduled in Prague, Czech Republic) I understand that based on my age (30) I am required to get the following vaccinations before my medical - please correct me if I am wrong. TDAP (Tetanus, Diphtheria, Pertussis) - from the records it seems I do not have Pertussis vaccination MMR (measles, mumps, and rubella) - I have all vaccinations Varicella - I had Chickenpox when I was little, I assume I should be fine Influenza - I do not have vaccination So I called the approved doctor to ask about the process regarding necessary vaccinations. They told me they would just mark that I do not have them on the form for the embassy - they do not administer the vaccinations at the medical. They also added that "if you have Tetanus vaccination, you should be fine for the embassy interview". Is this a common approach? Or is it country specific? Or complete BS? My other question is - what would happen at the embassy interview if they find out I do not have some of the vaccinations? Would that be a denial until I get them? Would that mean new medical examination? I assume the best way will be to get the missing Pertussis and Influenza vaccinations before the medical. However, the answer from the doctor completely surprised and confused me - I would expect the doctor would make sure I have all the necessary vaccinations (considering the cost of the medical exam and also the fact that I would receive "green card" valid for 10 years upon my arrival in the USA) or at least tell me to get them! I would appreciate opinions from people who have more insight in this 🙂 Thank you very much!
  7. Thank you NikLR and Elrona for your helpful posts, I really appreciate it! I called NVC today just to double check. They confirmed that uploading a letter stating the time period when I stayed in Canada instead of the Canadian Police Certificate into CEAC should take care of the whole issue for me. Thank you again!
  8. Thank you for your replies! I do understand that they can ask for it if the NVC officer decides so. However, this is an automated request (no-one has reviewed our application yet) - this is only based on the answers I gave in the DS-260 form. Therefore, I am very confused given the instructions on NVC's website. I will call NVC on Monday and I will post the results here. Thank you!
  9. thank you for your quick reply. I understand that the easiest option would be to provide it. Had I known it was necessary, I would have already had it by now. I believe I have enough proof that my stay was less than six months (visa expiration date, travel itineraries, records that show that my University term lasted less than six months, etc.). Would that be a possible way to satisfy this requirement? Does anyone have any experience with obligation to provide police certificate from country they've lived in for only a short time? (according to NVC's instructions below the time period is even 12 months, not 6 months). https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/us-visas/immigrate/the-immigrant-visa-process/collect-and-submit-forms-and-documents-to-the-nvc/step-5-collect-supporting-documents.html If you are 16 years of age or older, you must submit a photocopy of a police certificate from all countries you have lived in using below criteria: If you ... AND you... THEN submit a police certificate from... Are 16 years old or older Lived in your country of nationality for more than 6 months at any time in your life Your country of nationality Are 16 years old or older Have lived in your country of current residence (if different from nationality) for more than 6 months Your country of current residence Have ever lived in another country for 12 months or more Were 16 years or older at the time you lived there The country where you used to live.
  10. Hello everybody, I would like to ask for your help and opinion. My wife (US citizen) is petitioning for me (Czech Republic citizen) for CR1 VISA. Our case is currently at NVC. After Submitting my DS 260 in CEAC, it is asking me to upload a police certificate from Canada, even though I only stayed there for 5 months (Jan 2013 - May 2013) on a tourist visa. Can I just mark that this document is not available? Since I haven't lived in Canada for more than 6 months, I believe the requirement to provide Police Certificate from Canada does not apply to me. I am correct or did I miss something? I do not have the police certificate at my disposal at the moment and from what I understand it is not easy and quick to get it if you are not living in Canada. Your advice is much appreciated! Adam