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  1. @Vans status has been changed to new card is produced for my work permit I guess they have issued me the card thank you for your help after that call I really helped me
  2. Thank you this is really helpful will check the date on i765 receipt and contact them on given phone number
  3. I765 submission date was 27 March 2019 and fingerprint was on 28 April
  4. From last 8 months I am jobless ohh god I can’t sway home anymore atleast they should have send me i765 card. Uscis please hurry up this process is killing us anyone know how to contact uscis in California please reply me back
  5. Hello everyone, its been 168 days since I have submitted my i485 form and 93 days ago status changed to Case is ready to be scheduled for an interview after that I have not heard anything from them. How many days it will take more?? Is there any way to contact them or anyone has email address for uscis California. thank you
  6. Hello everyone, i just want to know something about 221g white letter which I got during my interview. I had applied for k1 visa on 15th June 2018 during my interview officer was not satisfied and gave me the 221g, asked me to submit additional documents such as reservation with court, printing invitations card,all vendors information, reservation with hall, marriage outfits receipts and rings bills etc without having visa in hand we spend a lot of money on this to do arrangements in usa. we have already submitted all this documents at embassy on 26th June 2018 and now waiting for the results my case is under administration processing. i hope after doing this arrangements in usa they will approve my case otherwise we have to face huge loss if something went wrong. we are really scared and nervous finger crossed have anyone come across with such cases thank you In advance
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