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  1. I will advise you to get a good tax filer and have them file an amended tax return (1040x). be honest and opened with your filer. It will help you in the long run and shouldn’t affect your immigration status
  2. I’m a Nigerian too, and I am convinced beyond reasonable doubt that they probably discovered in the course of their investigation that your initial divorce documentation from Nigeria is not genuine. So to say that you are not legally divorced from your Nigerian wife. A lot of Nigerians have had their ### chewed over marriage and divorce fraud. You need to be honest about your divorce to get anything out of this.
  3. It sounds like the only thing they have on your case is that form I360 without any supporting documents. Tell your attorney to resubmit all your initial documentation, hopefully he made copies of everything. Good luck
  4. Good morning everyone, please does anyone know why some field offices are no longer doing infopass appointment. Thanks
  5. I understand your frustration. But just as you were told by the operator, vawa is sensitive and they usually wouldn’t give information over the phone for the safety of the applicant. Imagine your abuser was able to call them pretending to be you, and requesting that the application be withdrawn. Do you get it? As for your EAD, just hang in there, it’s coming.
  6. I‘ll say just wait to receive the denial notice and see why the application was denied. I’m hoping it will be a fixable issue. All the best.
  7. I don’t have the details, but reading the denial notice, you could see where it reads receipt number EAC....... so I’m guessing it’s I485 after VAWA approval
  8. The Lord is your strength. Wait to receive the notice to determine what route to go. Sometimes the denial is as a result of flimsy things that can obviously be fixed. So don’t give up.
  9. Thanks for the inspiration. I have to admit, I can tell you know and feel my pain. Thanks once again
  10. Its honestly demoralizing. I’m just staying strong for myself. Thanks for your prayers
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