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  1. Hey guys I dont know if Im in the right topic but I will ask you this Friend of mine is getting a divorce and now He has a expired conditional green card and to make things worse the wife wont give him any help to remove the conditional status and all documents and proofs are with her, and wont give him any documents. My question is where could him start to renew it?
  2. It’s normal the waiting time is getting longer due to backlog process
  3. Hi guys final update I received the card yesterday two days after the notice on my account finally, hope everyone get yours soon.
  4. Hello guys quick update on my case I was checking my case it has changed to (close case) and Card has been Mailed, so after 4 Months and few days.
  5. I did called them the answer i've got was nothing wrong with my case is just backlogged so I'm calling back next week to open a inquiry. Im in NY
  6. Welcome to the club Im still waiting on the card fee paid on June 25th poe: July 4th at JfK with ccd (no package).
  7. My poe was on July 4th i filed a e request about card no mailed lets see what they say. I think you should wait till 120 days is up then call.
  8. what i did is file a e request for card not mailed. it might work or next step should be infopass appointment.
  9. Yes i did actually it was very fast, I applied for the SSN and 7 days after it was on my mail.
  10. Question my POE was at jfk if I recall the officer only took my right hand prints is it sounds normal? also my poe was on July 4th so far no card.
  11. Welcome, so now the ssn you need to visit the nearest office and apply for it with you passport and stamped visa is all you need there after that you should receive it in few weeks maybe less, now the GC is taking more time in my case, I've arrived on July 4th and had paid the fee on Jun 25th and so far no GC so that's story until now good luck.
  12. I Just logged in to check on my status still Sept 2th and same answer IN PROCESS
  13. Mine as well I've paid the fee on jun 25th and, arrived in US on Jul 4th so far no changes
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