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  1. Hello guys I'm January filler just want to share n take prayers from urs Filler 08/01/2018 Approval 31/7/2018 Nvc # 24/8/2018 Consultant sri lanka colombo embassy receive 5/9/2018 Appointment 11/10/2018 Medical n all other documents are done now waiting for the interview plz pray for us its seam long wait ughgggggggg!! Hope interview can go smooth 😊
  2. Duncan & shif

    Quick question...

    Photo copy's are fine good luck
  3. Hi to all Any one July approved get latter from nvc ? I got !my case number its ready on 24th July but our embassy in sri Lanka asking a latter from nvc? But !my fiancé did not get any latter when call to nvc that say already send it to our embassy in sri Lanka I'm confused now Plz if any one of ur get latter inform me
  4. Duncan & shif

    June 2018 NOA2 ----> NVC

    I'm also waiting for the interview but when look at annaquin getting worry we never know what will happens But my fiancé visit sri Lanka I talk with her parents many time Praying everything come right way
  5. Duncan & shif

    June 2018 NOA2 ----> NVC

    Thanks still not yet waiting for package 3 soon it will come its only arrived today Colombo once got that will apply DS160 then get the appointment and go with that for medical! Haha yeah u telling abut our hospitals😛
  6. If medical results fail also visa got denial?
  7. Duncan & shif

    June 2018 NOA2 ----> NVC

    Hi to tommal I'm also sri Lanka waiting for my embassy package to receive so tell me how long u took for the medical ?: Our case is ready nvc told us to wait 2 weeks today like 10 days I should contact to the embassy and find out abut our package
  8. I did check but its came summary information what's that mean ? Its arrive to consultant?
  9. How we did knows that our package received consultant from nvc?
  10. Thanks dear yes my fiancé call today morning got the case# also its ready n send it to my embassy in sri Lanka thanks for ur kind words so how far ur process?
  11. Omg!!! Hi to all We are now ready My fiancé call today morning one lady spoke n give the case #and told already send it to Colombo sri Lanka embassy Thanks too all Whats next step ----------- Im waiting for now my fiancé to send me the documents then fill DS 260 can't WAIT
  12. Hi we sending the inquiry to nvc but didn't hear anything getting worry 😭 23 days after approval
  13. Hello Nope not yet my fiancé gone for campaign today so she ask me to wait till this week so hope while wait this time will get our case # Did u got urs ?