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  1. Okay. From my understanding I think that best way will be that you tell officer about this when he ask your last 5 year reaidence history. This way they can get idea . Also when you will mention work history , your out of state history will be visible. And just mention your permanent in-state residence in application, where your actual home is.
  2. I believe you just mention your physical Address that you live in state because it will not allow you to write it in that overlapping manner. Unless you had a permanent stay for a year or so outside your state, then you should mention. A week or two week temporary residence doesn't count here. You can mention in interview about your work travel temporary residence if officer asks . Otherwise it shouldn't be a problem.
  3. I'm a Citizen now 🇺🇸🇺🇸😊😊 A long tough journey came to a beautiful end with new, happy fresh beginnings Best wishes to all of you friends Thank you for all the support from all of you 💐
  4. Thank you yeah, I got chars reply that we can apply for same day and expedite request occur in 2 weeks.
  5. Hello everyone, Can anyone please share what is required to get same day passport made on oath day ?
  6. Thanks alot!!! No need to get nervous, we all can do it. Just have all things ready, learn civics test and Relax. My oath date is showing now online. October 17 it is Can I get same day passport without travelling itenirary ?
  7. Thank you @Vikingoutwest for your wishes. I had my Interview today at 1.30pm and I'm happy to share it went good. My officer was nice and polite . After swearing , My legal name was confirmed and phone number, my date of gc issuance. I had some updates to share to him(address and a short 3 day trip to Canada), so we updated as he went along that specific sections. He then went over the form with Yes and no questions. After that I was asked civics questions: 1. What does the United States constituntion do? 2. What is the Supreme law of land? 3. How many senators are there? 4. Name One state that borders Canada? 5. When is Independence day celebrated? 6. Name the president in world war 1? Reading : When is Columbus day ? Written: Columbus day is in October. I passed Civics , English reading and writing. He then asked to review updates and took signatures. After this , Officer congratulated me and said if any thing required they will let me know, otherwise Oath ceremony will be in this or next month. Around 4:00pm : I received email that I'm placed in line for Oath I wish you and everyone in this long journey , a wonderful and a smooth one
  8. Hi all, I got Oct 2nd for Interview. I have not received notice by mail yet and its 2weeks left only. Anyone with similar experience ? Did they print just online notice and took to interview day and printed letter was okay to take ? Please let me know. I have started learning questions. Wishing all of you luck and ease in this journey
  9. Hi all, I'm posting on behalf of my cousin. He had interview June 3 and got approved. Oath has not been scheduled yet. He wishes to travel to Canada for 4 days this weekend. Will this travelling affect his case in any negative way or oath scheduling??
  10. I am having this feeling too. On the other hand, just not expecting too much . Lets pray to hear something sooner.
  11. Thank you all for kind words. Congratulations to all getting approved. It is indeed biggest relief. I pray they process interviews faster .
  12. @EA & AMThat's great🖒 Should we expect something earlier maybe?
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